Cheesy Meat Rice @Pepper Lunch

You are in the middle of food court where bunch of foods are serving. sadly, you don't have any idea on what to pick because you are getting more confused! haha..If this circumstance is always happening to you, this post can probably solve it!

Usually i'm posting on a dining place, right? but this time, i'm soooooooooo anticipate to share with you MY FAVOURITE MENU whenever i'm eating at the FOOD REPUBLIC or better known as food court in One Utama. haha..and as always, THANKS to my sister for introducing me to this scrumptious dish and for making me fatty than i am! haha..

So, here are the zoom in of the dish. yup, there is cheese on top of the rice. actually, the cheese and the egg are the add-ons but for me those elements are compulsory if you really wanna taste the deliciousness of the food or otherwise it will not really kicking LOL~

This food is served as hot as the claypots and you need to well-mix it (including the 2 sauces) before it goes into your mouth. Auuwww....i'm salivating now. nevertheless, it will only cost you under RM15.00 (haha..don't really remember, just eat lor~) but will sure will make you dreaming the whole night and excitedly wanna come back the next day. haha...over-reacted as usual but seriously, you just can't get enough of it!

Ohh..the face is showing that "I won't share this great thing with anybody!!"  haha.. XD

Then, people don't forget to search for PEPPER LUNCH whenever you are in the OU Food Republic, Pavilion Food Republic or Mid Valley's Food Court. hemm...i don't know if there is other franchise here in Malaysia, just share it in the comment space if you knew it, OK?!

*** Photo are credited to SizzlingSuzai and Wanie-chan from PatPatSiKuLipat ***

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