The Miss Universe Malaysia 2012

A huge congratulation to Miss Kimberly Leggett (18) who just being crowned the Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 on the last Thursday. she came from Penang, currently majoring in the economics and business and fluent in English, Malay and French. yup, she's having both the beauty and brains that we were looking for!

i guess the crucial gist of her winning was her short and sharp answer during the questionnaire part. she was being asked about what does she want to bring Malaysia's value to the world? HAHA..SOMETHING LIKE THAT lahhh...and without any delay she spontaneously spoke about the 1Malaysia mission, the unity among Malaysian and even with the clever example of MUM event that gather all Malaysian that night, simple yet brilliant!

honestly, she had captured my attention when the first time i watched the BeautyCamp (final episode) with her cute beautiful face and her bubbly personality although at the end i choose Gabrielle as my most favorite one. hehe..hopefully that Miss kimber will bring the crown of the Miss Universe World 2012 for our country soon. pray for it, Malaysian.. 

lastly, again CONGRATES to Miss Kimberly and wish her journey to the world will be a successful one!

the undeniable beautiful lady! ^^ 

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