Preparation2: The Make-up

huhu..i should sleep by now or otherwise i'll get the eye bag and surely will ruin my 20/11/2011 day. haiyooo..but what could i do when the connection is only excellent after 2 a.m and above. and that is the VERY BEST time for you to stalk on the YouTube without any interruption!

oh my, back to the tittle. you can clearly see that i'm having a hectic preparation of my sister's wedding which is coming sooooooo soon. yesterday was about the banner, bunting and etc. yup, now it is about the MAKE-UP! haha..see i've told you that I AM VERY DETAILED on everything!, here are some of the make-up tutorials on the YouTube that had caught my interest. named herself as Samantha, beautiful wife (i guess), simple but super CLEAR instruction and very talented. indeed, she did a very great job! ^^

have a view in here if you are looking for a BEAUTIFUL FEMININE PINKY EYES look.

here is the dark purplish smoky eyes. f.y.i : I AM THE FAN OF SMOKEY look.

well, actually there are lot more tutorial vids and besides her, i have once bumped onto this girl who is actually my first learning on doing the smoky eyes. credit to her! sorry i've forgotten the name as it was long time ago.

well, honestly i'm not really a make-up girl type. i just love to put on my foundation, blacky eyeshadows as in soft smokey kind of look, my-compulsory-applied black eyeliner and maybelline lip ice! thats it!

ok, hopefully, this inspire you as well. THANKS A LOT for the new followers in here. please know that i LOVE ya all from the deep of my heart... ^^

*** image credited to photobucket and vids gratitude toSamanthaSchuerman ***


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