Parhin, Saeng-il chukahamnida!

the only gift that i can give it to you...hehe make it your header lah yang..

생일 축하합니다

pronounce as Saeng-il chukahamnida and gave the meaning of HAPPY BIRTHDAY. yesterday was a belated wish for Mr. Shahrukh and right now is an extremely belated wish for one of my babe, FARHIN MATORI! here it is as she requested me to make a special post for her since i felt guilty for not knowing that the last 31st October was her born day. haiyakk...mian hae... ^^

heeemmm...let me post it in bahasa as it sounds more sincere. haha

dear Parhin,

Selamat Hari Jadi makcek! semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki dan berbahagia selalu. amin.. hehe..THANKS for being my friend, mencurahkan segala ilmu yang ada, bersama-sama menjalani kehidupan yg sangat bahagia sebagai manufacturing student here in IIUM..hahaha dan bersama-sama berse-nor-keling mencari ikan-ikan kecil di tengahari buta!  XD



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  1. nk like post ni manyak2....panas je mate bace...hehe...nilai seorg kawan....sampai bile2 pn akan dikenang...baik buruk die tetap kawan kan...teringt kwn2 len...(+_+)

  2. haiyuoooo..i cam xphm npe u panas plak..marah ke utk u xd!hahhahahha....bru phm la yang...ok friend is FOREVER utk awk juge cik yana sayang =))


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