Bruno Mars + BigBang at MTV EMA 2011

These images are captured from my Bruno Mars's astonishing performance during the awards on the last 6th November 2011. yup, he did a LIVE performance along other incredible singers and proudly, he was successfully brought back 2 awards which are:


oh oh...CONGRATES baby and although it just 2 out of 4 nominations but still it was worthy to vote for you. haha..of course i did! by the way, he sang the amazing "Marry you" in the remix version. play the vid and enjoy the knockout performance by him as usual lor~

BRUNO is just soooo amazingly adorable! hahahahaha...the crazeeeeyyy fanatic fan is speaking...

anyhow, i'd also like to CONGRATES the Korean Idol group, BIG BANG for winning the Best Worldwide Act against other big names including Britney Spears LOL. haha..yup, BIG BANG is the winner and you should know that i LOVE them sooooo much. chukeyo guys! ^^

for a NON-FAN or a new-lover of K-pop, this group is sooooo talented, bringing up the HipHop kinda music and have recorded lots of great songs. hehe..seriously, try to listen to these:

  • Lies
  • Last Farewell
  • Haru-Haru
  • With you
  • Tonight
  • Cafe
  • Love Song

yo, BIG BANG IS BACK...B to the I to the G to the bang! bang! ("~.~)

*** images are credited to SizzlingSuzai ***

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  1. no hal la if u don't look my blog all time...
    i think it annoying when some people just follow my blog just bcoz i do follow yr blog... bkn hobi la mcm 2... ^_^

    i still don't like bruno mars even though u keep updating about it 100 times pon.. haha, tp lagu count on me best!!

  2. haha..oh dear i did followed urs not bcoz of dat annoying reason lor..its bcoz i do love urs..hehe keep on sketching ok =))

    hahahha..sal BRUNO my baby xde hal also lah!! sy mmg akn UPDATE juge n pakse my readers to read it!!hahahhaha..jahat kn?! XD


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