[Whats up Msia] 2011 Malaysia Y.E.S

Walllaahhhh...i smiled ear-to-ear when i bought this dream shoes with the dream branding on the last-last week! yup, its ALDO and guess what i got it with the cheap price that you couldn't imagine it. hahaha..so the SALE was actually started depends on the branding and the store because it was already November, gurls!

Prominently, too many BIG events were scheduled in this short November. yup, including my sister's BIG day! but right now, i'm sooooooooooooo eager to talk about the most awaited event that is happening every year and i always missed it! its not that i'm not aware of it but it was due to the money constraint that always happened at the end of a year. haha..

So, i was preparing myself starting on the last August. save money for the Y.E.S 2011! haha..actually i'm not really saving it all as you can see i still enjoying myself dining at great places and having fun with my babes but i've successfully crossed out all the flea markets that was held around K.L. huhu...so sad~

Anyhow, me and my babes are all very excited to hunt those expensive stuff with the cheap pricing starting on the duration given. here are the details.

START : 15th November 2011 
(well, it depends on the store, brands and etc)

END : 1st January 2012

Thus, i wish you guys a HAPPY SHOPPING MONTHS! ^^


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