Too Cute To Chew!

They are toooooooooooo adorable to feed our appetite, right?! haha..just wanna share all these cutie as im stumbling upon them during the searching for my sister's wedding decoration. wait, don't expect me to bake any of these as i'm still learning to make a good crispy cookie since the last one was as hard as the stones!

hehehe..i seldom talking about cute stuff, huh. its not that i'm not into it but it depends. well, obviously i DON'T like pink as in i hate that hue on me but in the same time i do love looking at those cute little girls wearing a pink gown on their 1st year birthday! oh, such a confusion interest here. ignore it. lalalalala..

anyhow, my short story of the real me is i'm still busy with the midterm papers, as usual the messing-up-my-life F.Y.P, my sister's weds preparationS and so on and so forth.

Oh, btw i attended a cousin's engagement solemnization on the last Sunday and it was such an epic when our family photo was published on yesterday's METRO newspaper. hahaha...wanna know who's big day was it?! wait until i get the clear super HQ photo from my other cousin yarrrr... ^^

then, GOOD MORNING as it is already 4:16 a.m when i write this last word.


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