Belated Wishes to Mr. Shahrukh Khan!

F.Y.I : this crazy circumstance is happening every year on the same date (2nd November) and the same location (Shahrukh's home at Mumbai)...i wish i was there!! haha

i've never mention this fact in here. Mr. SHAHRUKH KHAN is actually my ULTIMATE CRUSH!! he gonna be forever at the top rank number one no matter how many wrinkles drew on his forehead and how many grey hair grew on his head! yup, those crushes that i've been posting are the number 2 and above although they are much more younger and hotter that Mr. Shahrukh, they are still enable to take this man down...

thus, before i ramble more and more about this greatest man who is being place deep inside my heart, i should first wish him a HAPPY BELATED 46TH BIRTHDAY on the last 2nd November 2011! surely, i didn't forgot the date as i remember it every year but i just don't have the time to post it in here. haha...mujhe maaf karto please..

to be exact, i've started to have a serious crush on him when i was like 11 years old! haha....i was sooooooooooooo into the Bollywood during that golden age and honestly, it doesn't stop until now. seriously, my family and my closed friends have understood this illness very well. however, it just a bit slow right now as compare to that moment but i'm still following the Bollywood latest movies, gossips and yup, i watch the channel 108, the ZEE TV whenever i'm at home!

i won't talk much about him in here as actually, i've planned to write a special entry about him for the past-past years but i still failed to do it. it is due to the sooooooooooooooooo many facts that i know about him and i just like wanna write all of it and then, i became sooooooo confused on where should i start first., just wait and see yarr... ^^

anyhow, let me list out the TOP 5 of my FAV SHAHRUKH KHAN's movie! =))


4. Yes Boss

3. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

2. Main Hoon Na

1. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayengge (haha..even i'm listening to the songs rite on this moment!)

i LOVE Shahrukh Khan for hamesha! ^^

***  The awesome images are credited to Emirates 24/7  ***

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