i'm in the TOP30!

hey guys, its been 5 days that i ain't update my beloved blog here. haha..the cliche reason is I'M SOOO BUSY with everything that needs to be done before the 20.11.2010 and the real reason is I DON'T GET ANY CONNECTION to open up this dashboard and click the new post..hehe

so, today i'm so proud to announce that i was listed in the TOP 30 of the contest "Malaysia's Next Top Female Blogger 2011" organized by Mr. Sandra Azwan! CHECK IT in LIFE WITH SANDRA to view my winning announcement post and directly visit his fashionable blog.

anyhow, he doesn't tell us yet about the next thing we should do for the contest. i meant whether we need your vote or what-so-ever because he is still busy with this coming MIFW 2011. not a prob at all as i'll patiently wait for it and GOOD LUCK for your career Sandra! ^^

well, actually this great news was posted looong time ago and yup, i've noticed it. THANKS to NANA from the A BRAT WITH OPINIONS who was the first person telling me this joyish news. she was also listed and truth to be told, her blog is cooler that mine. hehe..especially the ENGLISH part, thanks dear for helping me to enhance my vocabs. haha..so, i recommend you guys to visit her's lor~  =)

lastly, HUGS AND KISSES to MR.SANDRA for following, loving and trusting my so-infamous blog here. (i hope so..haha) and thanks God that the bubbly Hanis Zalikha didn't join this contest because if she did i'm 90% won't get the chance to even be in the Top 30. haha..she and her blog are both awesome!


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  1. hehehe..haiyooo ecah cyg top30 je pong...hahha jauh benor nyer nk menang tuh! hahaha..neway tq dear! =))

  2. tq zulaiha..n d most is tq for always supporting mine here =))

  3. haha~~ i need a 'pndpat' at my blog, can u hve a look.. =)

    sja nk britahu : sandra is my senior and he really hensem when smile(peminat niee) the winner got his dress right? wahh!! butungla kalau menang,,hehe

  4. hahaha...alaahhh top30 bru jauh sgt nk mnang tuh tp klu rzki alhamdulillah..ok dear no hal!! will check it right now.. =)


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