Call him Sam Milby~

hua hua hua....another c.u.t.e + obviously good looking ==> H.O.T guy to join my long list CRUSHES! (slap me right on the face...Paap!) OK, enough as i knew i LOVE to constantly introduce my crushes in here. hehe..who cares~  ^^, i'm sure you don't have any idea about who is this guy atleast you are from Philipphine as this handsome guy named as Sam Milby is a famous Philippino actor. originally born in Troy, Ohio, United States and an American+ Philippino who returned to Philippine as an actor, commercial model and singer!

then, i knew you would probably wonder on how did i know him? was actually on the last Saturday when i watched a Philippino movies with my makcek jiran sebelah which starred by him. it was just like 3 minutes of the story and i've already fallen in love with him! this is what people called as a first sight love! haha..gilerr angau dah..

seriously, you have to watch his series/movies or just pick the one that shockingly stunned me entitled "And I Love You So". well, this is one of his music video which is the OST for the movie. huuuuuuuuuuu...........i'm so amaze that he just not having a good-looking face and the perfect figure but also BEAUTIFUL voice. Oh My Crush! girls, be ready for nose bleeding~

Oh, i LOVE you SAM! 
dreaming of being in Philippine and suddenly bump onto him...Oh ohhhh 
*blushing* i have to say more?! Yes, HE IS LOOKING QUITE SIMILAR LIKE OUR REMY ISHAK kan? kan? kan? haha...jatuh cinta balik kat Abg Remy! haha...daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

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  1. hello..i'm a fan of sam milby as well..

    he's so handsome and talented..very charming guy..haha

    So, are you from Malaysia??I'm from the Phils. Thanks for supporting him.


  2. wahhh nose bleeding terus...that's why i love guys with a guitar and sweet vocal ehhehe

  3. haiyoo...girl u r a phillipino?!! plz send my regards to him n say that I LOVE HIM SOOOOOOOO DAMN MUCH!!hahahhaha..he is sooooooooo handsome lor *faint*

    neway,tq dear 4 dropping by in here =))

  4. wanie chan--> kn i kate tgk je trus akn jatoh cinta punyer la..GILERRRR HENSEM XINGAT!!!! huhu..nanges lor

  5. haha... bru tgk "and i love you so" kt astro aritu!!
    skali imbas, cm remy ishak pn ade la.haha, tp yg ni versi lbey hensem la kot~

  6. hahaha..haiyooo mmg pon sgt macam REMY ISHAK n dats y i said SAYE DA JATOH CINTA BLK KAT ABG REMY!! hahaha


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