Nude ??

if you are thinking about the main meaning of the word, please consider yourself as pervert! HAHA..oh c'mon, i'm talking about the nude color on the shoes LOL. i love this platform heels sooooo much as it looks sophisticated with the reflecting effect of the material plus the super high pointed heels is seriously killing!

why nude color?! girls, i have once read that this is the HOTTEST hue in this season whereas lots of the fashionistas struggling to come out with their new look by wearing the nude color shoes or nude color on the garments or even painting the nail with this nude hue!

haha..seriously this people are not crazy but they make us go crazy. of the mad people is me when i'm still not own any of it although i'm soooooooooooo desperately wanna have one. the story goes like this. i just got back from accompanying my sister to shop for her wedding's shoes, (surely not a nude but a purple one as the theme color is that lor~) so, i found mya nude platform heels that EXACTLY look as in the image with the ELLE brand on it. is undeniable comfortable (trust me coz i'm myself stunned by its comfortability~) and do i have to repeat the word?! it is seriously KILLING ME! now, the problem is not the RM159 price but it is me. huhu..i've bought a brand new shoes just a few weeks ago, so i need a gap or else i will be dismiss by my mom! Huuuargghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....somebody please stop my shoes addiction! =(

thats all, honestly i need lots of sleep but anyhow, i've already lost it. it is 2:45 a.m again....

kiss . hug . kiss . hug

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