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By Tuesday, November 01, 2011 ,

Morning peeps. it is 3:07 a.m on the morning and i'm still awake, sitting on the bed and working with my overload-memory lappy here. Oh, the wind coming from the window is breezy and chilly. Love it!

To be exact, i'm using the PS CS4 here. working with Photoshop is always my obsession and i'm willing to stay overnight to finish anything that i've started. as usual, it is tiring but still countless F.U.N!

Anyhow, that is the latest art that i've successfully created after i've done with some revision. obviously, it is for my sister's wedding which i'm already feeling excited about it. yup, i have another paper tomorrow at 5.30 p.m. what the.....?? haiyooo...they have to know that it is sooooooooooooo uncomfortable for us to answer the exam after the 'asar time. seriously, 5.30 p.m to 7.00 p.m?! huh!

OK, then, actually i'm feeling so sleepy but due to the good connection right now (as all people already slept LOL~ only you are the 'burung hantu' ma...) i just can't stop myself from posting one entry in here. hahhaha...ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzZ

GOOD NIGHT!  (\~.~/)

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  1. chantek..nice and nmpk mewah..woooo

  2. wow..u design sendiri ke..? nice la.. da bole wat tempahan kat u la lepas ni... :)

  3. yana bucuk-->HAHAHHA...sbb de word 'mewah' kat ctu kot!hahhaha =D neway, tq yang =)

  4. sue-->yup, tq so much dear..heheh actually mmg slalu design banner,bunting etc tuk prog kat uis ni harr =) actually i de special blog@xactive lansung =P at

    BOLE SESGT lah klu u nk tempah pape design..hehhehhehe =)))


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