P-HOP Restaurant @OU

ok, im still postponing my sister's big day as i can't stand the unedited pic! so, please wait and i promise you that the waiting is worthy. hehe..nah, this is the FOOD post that i've saved in my draft box for quite a long time.

for starter, this beautiful-English-look restaurant named as  "Paddington House Of Pancakes" and the acronym for it is P-HOP. located in One Utama and yup, this is my second time dining in there which is the previous one was at The Garden of Mid Valley. READ in HERE

no question on what is the main menu of the restaurant as the name stated, it is basically pancakes house! but no worry, they are still providing another type of dishes. do please scroll down and take a look at our scrumptious orders! ready to be drooling over the images. =)

lets slip on the gorgeous menu book!
sweedish pancake with cinnamon and pineapple 
sweedish pancake with strawberry orange jam
sweedish pancake with banana and coconut
spicy beef bolognese with egg
spicy prawn and calamari olio
iced coffee

i need to apologize here because i don't remember the exact price anymore but still i could give the approximate range which is for the 'sweedish pancake + your own choice of flavors' is RM12.90 ++ , the 'spaghetti + your own choice of cook' and the iced coffee's price are totally OUT OF MY MIND. i'm sorry darlings....haha

what can i conclude about the price range is, it is affordable but REMINDER: the pancakes is obviously not our regular food, so it might not satisfy your hunger. be prepare for more cash since you might need to order another dishes! haha

haha..again it was my lunch time with my sister's colleagues and i should give highest gratitude to Miss N.C.O as well as my along for buying me those delicious food. xia xia guys..anyhow, this is like TIPS for you if you are planning to visit this cozy restaurant.

1. the One Utama's franchise is more-more gorgeous than the Mid Valley's. so, choose this place instead of The Gardens. haha

2.  the Pancakes is seriously NOT ENOUGH! and the taste can be quite weird, so choose the flavour wisely. hemmm...i recommended the strawberry one lor~

3. say no-no-no to the iced coffee as it is too bitter although after we added lots of sugar. haha..please choose the other drinks. ok!

4. don't forget to bring a long your camera since the ambiance is cozy-cozy-cozy!  ^^

5. again, visit the OU's franchise as the mat saleh WAITER in this restaurant is CUTE!! hahahha XD

lastly, you can visit this gorgeous restaurant at One Utama, Mid Valley or The Curve. yup, it is worth to give it a try! hehe...then, TQ for visiting, viewing, reading and FOLLOWING! ^^

*** photo are credited to SizzlingSuzai ***

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  1. hehe....macam best.,.nak try ler hehe

    Suzai, tak mahal ke?

  2. azham-->actualy bole tahan gak lah tp kami redeem voucher grupons!!haha so klu nk g temp camni means xsure sedap ke tak tp harga melampau better beli voucher..serius BERBALOI!! pancakes tu dr RM12.90 jd RM8 je including drink!! huhuuuu =)

  3. susu-->so go n try it larr =)) haha..tq 4 visiting in here darl~


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