I wish I could have him!

as adorable as the one that you probably  had seen in the toys 'R' us store. but this is the real one.

yup, it is a PUPPY, a very innocent one! sooooooooooooooooooooooo extremely cute and i felt very sorry looking at him begging to get out. haiyooooo...puppy, if i have the RM1000+ of your price, for sure i will pay for your freedom. huhuhuu...

sadly, i'm not just prohibited to touch (as in the Islamic teaching, well in certain condition, so to be easy..just avoid them lor~) i'm also broke! haha..

anyway, i pray for your fortune my love, hopefully there is someone with a big money and a huge heart to take you out from that tiny home. huhhuhuhuu... 

P/S: if someone is interested on him, do please immediately get him at the Pet Shop in One Utama. 

dear PUPPY, I heart YOU! (T__T)

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