I wish I could have him!

By Wednesday, November 02, 2011

as adorable as the one that you probably  had seen in the toys 'R' us store. but this is the real one.

yup, it is a PUPPY, a very innocent one! sooooooooooooooooooooooo extremely cute and i felt very sorry looking at him begging to get out. haiyooooo...puppy, if i have the RM1000+ of your price, for sure i will pay for your freedom. huhuhuu...

sadly, i'm not just prohibited to touch (as in the Islamic teaching, well in certain condition, so to be easy..just avoid them lor~) i'm also broke! haha..

anyway, i pray for your fortune my love, hopefully there is someone with a big money and a huge heart to take you out from that tiny home. huhhuhuhuu... 

P/S: if someone is interested on him, do please immediately get him at the Pet Shop in One Utama. 

dear PUPPY, I heart YOU! (T__T)

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