Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 is tonight!

It is nature where everybody LOVE to see beautiful things. despite the age and gender! haha..although i'm a girl but i'm also a fan of beauty pageant contest. seeing those beautiful ladies had motivate me to work out and be as voluptuous as them! hahhahha...haiyooooo~ well, can't you see that it has related to one of my obsessions, F.A.S.H.I.O.N! 

Whatever your reasons guys, don't forget to witness the crowning of our Miss Universe 2012 tonight at 9 p.m just after the Buletin. Thanks God, otherwise my mom will scold me for changing the channel while she is watching the news...huh!

So, here are the Details:

What : Grand Finale of Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 (LIVE)

When : 10th November 2011 @ 9 p.m

Where : Astro Hitz.TV

Anyhow, let me shout out my TOP 3 fav contestant. haha..they are all assuredly GORGEOUS, sweety, marvelous or just name it! haha..but the most crucial part is i'm looking for MALAYSIAN look in them. so, the ladies that caught my attention and hopefully will Wowing the judges tonight..  ^^

NO. 3 : SIMLI (21)

NO. 2 : GABBY (22)

NO.1 : JUANI (20)


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  1. They are not beautiful. They are just skinny. right?

  2. hahahha...i guess so as nowaday d world is ruin by those skinny ladies rite?!hahha..but they r still BEAUTIFUL based on the face LOL XD hahah..tq dear for visiting in here...

  3. haha..tp cantik la die..sgt unik!haha neway die mng no.2 huhu


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