K.Rita's Pinkish Engagement Night!

First and foremost, i'm totally heart this classy plus a sophisticated pelamin in here. love how the lights successfully executing the romantic mood of the event! hehe..photo is credited to the owner (its not mine) as sadly, i don't get the chance to capture this perfect pelamin look since the crowd is really big....

Anyway, its not too late for me to wish a huge CONGRATES to my cousin, K.Rita for her sweetest engagement day on the last 30th October 2011. yup, she is the 1st daughter of Allahyarhamah Sosilawati who inherits her mother's boastful empire. huhu..actually their father is my dad's brother LOL. now, the world is seems smaller...

K.Rita, i'm just soooo happy looking at your happiness smile in here. wish you had a great marriage soon and everything you've planned for the future will run smoothly. insyAllah, amin... ^^

The bride is just so lovely. she is looking extra-beautiful with that awesome dress which i think it is JOVIAN MANDAGIE's perfect job because i saw him walking in front of me at the event!! haha..my jaw was dropping and suddenly stunned by his charm while my sister was like who the hell is Jovian Mandagie???!!! HAHA...sabo je lar! people, you should know that I AM EXTREMELY ADORE JOVIAN MANDAGIE as one of a great Malaysian designer. f.y.i: his specialty is the wedding dresses!!

kak awu..jgnlah ngajok..hahha takut i tauw~ XD

The pretty cousins and me. i've told you that i hate pink, so i have NO PINK outfit to be wearing that night. haha..so, i just go with the same palette ma..Anyhow, we were all having a great moment as we got to gather, updating about each other's life and just meeting eye-to-eye after the last one on the Hari Raya.

Thus, that the reason of why i LOVE wedding/engagement/etc events. besides, the fact that such event is beautiful no matter what the theme, the color and etc. it is always romantic!

Now, let me share the look of the night. it is actually simple but assuredly grand.

Oh, don't say it. yup, my fav is the candy corner which is soooooooooooo cute with the pinkish all over the table, the candles and the HEART BALLONS are just sooo adorable. hehe. lastly, I wish K.Rita and her spouse will completed each other's cycle life with the official marriage on this coming 4th Dicember and live happily ever after, amin... ^^

*** Photo are credited to SizzlingSuzai ***

P/S: can't wait for my sister's turn la polak! hehe thank you for reading...


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  1. owh wow cantiknyerr decorations =)

  2. kan especially the candy corner tuh..hhahah thats y i suke g wed ni =))

  3. hahahha..akk oi..i dpt pdg je larr..hisyhhh ikotkn nk gak akuh curi seketol dua kn..hahahhaha

  4. perghhh...hehe..wonderfull (ala2 org korea sebut)

  5. hahahhahah....camner ek bunyi dier tuh?!!! hahah..'L' kna kasi simpul ma..haha


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