'Just In Love With You' by Joe Jonas

By Friday, November 04, 2011 ,

omg...JOE, the look is sooooooooooooooooooo alluring! (">.<)

a huge transformation from a cute lover boy at the summer camp (i means the Jonas Brothers's Camp Rock!) to the very good looking-young guy walking in a leather jacket in the middle of New York city. i'm talking about this handsome guy  named as Joseph Adam Jonas or better known as Joe Jonas!

does he fell under MY BUNCH OF CRUSHES?? haha..yes, of course he does but i'll not again romantically rambling about him coz you will probably vomit all the dinner that you just had this evening., do please CHECK IN HERE.

now, don't you worry about the Jonas Brothers awesome siblings as they are not separating but it just that my JOE JONAS is going SINGLE for a while and actively promoting his debut album entitled 'Fastlife'.

surprisingly, almost all the songs are great. seriously, you should listen to this 'Just In Love With You' and 'See No More'. Nah, this is one of it. omo...Joe is looking really gorgeous in here. i love his new matured look which is freaking HOT!!!!


isn't this song a great one?! btw, love the streetstyle video look in this MV plus you should know that i adore the simple style of both actors. the look suits him very well.  ^^

Oh, anyhow i listened to the 'See No More' first and then, my lovely Wanie-chan introduced me to this greater song. tq babe.. =))


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  1. That looks like a wonderful and amazing wedding!! the bride is adorable mashAllah!:)and so does everyone else. check it out? :P

  2. tq dear and thanks a lot for dropping by in here =))


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