LOOK #19 - HFW DAY 2 : Formal Attire

Salam..here comes the second day of this exciting contest. gurls, please know that i'm so glad to received lots of positive comments on my previous look. It was totally overwhelmed!  ^^  ok now, lets move on to the next given theme which is FORMAL ATTIRE.

Day 2 (May 31) - Formal Attire

Whether it's traditional/cultural, black tie event, weddings, or anything else, show us how you get dressed up for formal event!


Basically in Malaysia, we just wear our traditional baju kurung when there is a formal event since it is acceptable and suitable in any formal occasion especially the wedding. However, you might look so boring if you wearing the same old baju kurung, so what you can do is try to change this skeptical style by wearing 'other' things as long as it exhibit modestness in you. The main rule is DON'T EVER WEAR A JEANS to a formal event, THATS IT!

Now, talking about my outfit here. HAHA..the whole things are my mom's except the red gradient scarf and the mustard clutch because honestly, i'm not so into this style but yeahh..i LOVE it once i tried it. No doubt this outfit is FIT to be wear either at your friend's wedding or a formal dinner event.

Girls, why don't you check on other fabulous looks at loveHFW. They are all inspiring! (^.^)

HFW to be continue...


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  1. kreatif dan cntik style ni!suits u well!!ngee (rse mcm jd pengkomen tetap blog ni lak.keh2x)

  2. tq ifa..laaahhh klu jd tetap lg bagos..hahaha no worry babe i'll reply ur visit as much as i cn..insyAllah ^^

  3. suzai, merah itu menawan..sekali lagi kita 'sejiwa' ;)

  4. salam sis
    I bet your mom is beautiful and fashionable as you ^ ^
    love the outfit and the way you wore different style of baju kurung
    the mustard cluth goes along with red
    nice color
    you are beautiful my sister

  5. sigmazetaz-->haha..yarr looks like we hv d same taste ^^ cant wait 4 ur nex look dear~

  6. nikofifa-->tq! =)

    aisyah-->haha..not as hot as u in that pastel pink babe!

  7. hannah-->oh my thank u so much 4 d compliment..hehe yup my mom is a fashionable 50's woman and i've 'stole' lots of my mom's stuff to be 'mine' =D n yup, she is a beautiful mom!

  8. sister you look absolutely beautiful!
    love the sizzling red x


  9. wow ur mom has got a lot of cool stuff eyy
    i love ur red outfit. what is it? baju kurung ke tu eh?

  10. aah i stole lots of hers to be featured here hehe..no its not bju kurung..die cam bju klawar tu alaahh xtau nk panggil pe tu y xtulis tuh~ haha

  11. Very pretty colour! Suits you perfectly


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