10 crazy deeds when you are a K-POP FANATIC FAN!

ELF MALAYSIAhuhu..someone said the hangul is wrong so, forgive me if it is! hehe...coz i can't edit it back LOL~ ^^

10) continuously gossiping on K-POP with the other fanatic babes every minutes and every second!

9) 24/7 online for their latest news and updates on the blogs, twitter and their personal page of cyworld (of the SUPER JUNIOR members)

8) DOWNLOADING countless of their LIVE PERFORMANCES and game shows with HD QUALITY! the clearer the better~  (n__n)

7) trying hard to learn KOREAN language and HANGUL, just because when we LOVE K-POP means we LOVE everything about KOREA. honestly, it is useful for you to watch their show without the eng-subbed!

6) yup, means we LOVE their kimchi, kimbab and bibimbap as well! ("^____^)

5) don't care on spending money for their ORIGINAL albums.. (it depends on the artist!) RM65 and above for an OFFICIAL album that comes with an OFFICIAL poster. O.F.F.I.C.I.A.L is really matter for us!

4) collecting their not-come-with-a-cheap-price OFFICIAL goodies!! usually it is like RM150 and above for an album + official poster ONLY. ok..this is consider CHEAP when you buy it during the concert day!

my Very-Own SuperShow tee
SUPERSHOW official goodies of SUPER JUNIOR!

3) crazily STALKING them when they were here in Malaysia ("^.^) HAHA..i did this like two times ONLY for SUPER JUNIOR meh~ first time was during the MTV Asian Award at Genting Highland (this is really really a SWEETEST memory for us!) then, the second time was during their SUPERSHOW 2 last year! HUH absolutely crazy!

2) you just can't ignore the HUNDRED RINGGIT of their concert's tickets!! there was once my friend bought a VVIP TICKET for RM800!!!! Wwwooohhhhhhhhhhh...mijoesso! (>.<)

SuJu tee likes me :)
miss the 13 of them!

1) and HERE IT IS the ultimate crazy thing that we will put in this list is....WE GONNA FLY TO KOREA just because we LOVE K-POP! ("^______^)

huhuhu...im always dreaming of being the LIVE spectators for MUSIC BANK at KBS station and stand outside of Teukie's & Eunhyuk's Kiss The Radio county!! Arghhhh....oppa oppa oppa oppa oppa!!!

AArghhhhhhhh....obviously the reason of this is.........MALAYSIAN K-POP FANATIC FANS, SUJU M IS COMING HERE IN MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA..wait for the special post of this as im still in the searching of the official announcing of it..  (^.^)


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  1. is that suhaila anuar? haha

  2. no offence, but indeed crazily craazyyyy o.o

    um crazy too ;p

  3. HAHAH SHERAH kureng je erk~ =D gula2 ke 24:7 ke HUH SY TDK SUKA!!! actually yup, we've been talking bout why dun msia own our dance group like kpop BUT JGNLAH TIRU BOLAT2 dgn bukak bju sume!! just copy d good one je lar..bongok tol dorg ni!! (>.<) insyAllah i'll post my opinion bout this controversial issue 1 day~ haha tq sherah ^^

  4. yup nn..heheh u kwn die gak ke???? schoolmate maybe~ ktorg mmg elf / kpop babes!! ^^

  5. haha..farihah dak UIA mmg GILER FANATIC K-POP kot~ ^^

  6. adik dia my class mate kat FUU! hehe.

  7. OH I C...hahha dunia mmg kecik je kn... =)


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