Bruno Mars wins the 2011 Billboard Music Award

bruno mars
Auuwww...this cutie image is credited to Billboard! ^^ BRUNO MARS's JUST THE WAY YOU ARE had won the TOP RADIO SONG for the recent 2011 Billboard Music Award...CONGRATES BABY!! ("^______^) huhu..sadly he won only one LOL~ although he got more than 5 nominations including :

Top New Artist (won by Justin Bieber..oh!)
Top Male Artist (won by Eminem!)
Top Digital Song
Top Streaming Song (Audio)
Top Hot 100 Artist
Top Hot 100 Song
Top Digital Songs Artist
Top Radio Song Artist
Top Pop Song

well at least he brought something back, rite?! hemmm no worry i'm so sure he will create ONE OF THE BIG NAME in Hollywood well actually he is already half the way now. (^.^) so, GO BABY GO!

latest update : Bruno Mars is still busy with the Doo-wops and Hooligans Tour all over the world! and tonight he gonna perform at the Milwaukee, MI. (don't ask me where it is because my geography is weak! HAHA =D) anyhow, just hoping he will do well in all his non-stop concerts and shows and baby do please TAKE A VERY GOOD CARE of yourself! (^.^)

adios with the huge forever LOVE for BRUNO MARS!

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  1. bruno mars... terbaik.. suka lagu grenade :)

  2. hehe...ABSOLUTELY BRUNO MARS IS D BEST 4 EVER!! haahh sbbkn grenade tu la i jd gila ngan die k =)


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