SUPER JUNIOR M Live in Malaysia at the Himpunan Jutaan Belia 2011

super junior m,super junior

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yup, thats what i've been doing whenever i look back on these bunch of super clear photo and VIDS of the SUPER JUNIOR M who performed LIVE in front of my eyes on the last saturday night! ^^

ok, i knew that all those fans were already uploaded their photo right after the concert was done but I AM SO STRESS BECAUSE I'VE BEEN SO BUSY in this whole weekend. never mind atlast i got to post it here today and share it with all the ELF(Everlasting Friend) all over the world. seriously, it was FULL OF SATISFACTORY! (^___________________^)

AArghhhhhhhhhh..i know i shouldn't have to say more. guys, JUST ENVY THESE BUNCH OF PHOTO that i've successfully captured by my naive Xperia X10 with only 8 MG Pxl cam!!

super junior m,super junior
super junior m,super junior
super junior m,super junior

OH MY GOD.....i just can't stop visualizing this whole scenes that happened on the last Saturday (28th May 2011) it was fabulous and most fascinating and for sure already be the SWEETEST MEMORY of me and the SUPER JUNIOR oppa forever!!

yup, i've seen them LIVE about 3 times as i told you that i've been stalking them everytime they were here in Malaysia. and yup, i've been to their SUPERSHOW 2 but the thing is I DON'T GET THE OPPORTUNITY TO REALLY BE RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE STAGE as like this! because usually the price of the rock pit zone which is the same exact view here is RM400++ but now THIS IS ABSOLUTELY F.O.C! (thanks to the Malaysian government for inviting them..hehehehehhe)

super junior m,super junior is Ryewook and Sungmin who just an inch from me. i know i am too lucky but WWWarrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...WHERE IS MY BELOVED LOVER CHOI SIWON?!? and mr. lee DONGHAE was also not there LOL~ yup, it was sad for not having all of them together but still atleast i'm not too disappointed as Kyuhyun & Eunhyuk was there!

Kyuhyun, i've been screaming his name as he was lined up at the other side. ok i'm not discriminate them as i LOVE all of these guy ("^^) but why did Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk have to be there not on my side here...ANDWE ANDWE!! (T__T)

another thing is i was stunned by HENRY who is looking REALLY REALLY CUTE! seriously he is so whitey white and adorable with that yellow hair. oh mai...HENRY WO AI NI! (^.^)

however, guys IMAGINE IF I USED A DSLR or atleast a 12 MGPXL...huhu the pics will be more crystal clear and i can focus on each of them..Waarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was so sad by thinking of that! (T__T)

lastly, i just can say that the tiring legs of standing and pushing in the straight 4 hours was absolutely paid! yup, we are the crazy fans of SUPER JUNIOR will do whatever we can do for them..hahahaha =D

end with the best memory ever of SUPER JUNIOR M! oppa saranghaeyo! for more incredible clear photo CHECK IT HERE

*all the images are copyright of SizzlingSuzai,
you are HIGHLY PROHIBITED to copy it without the owner permission *

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  1. ape ni2x??!!x aci!!u dpt tgk depa depan mata.huwwa!!!!jeles...

  2. OMG gila awesome dowh! mesti best gilaks. dekat plak tu! :-s bestnye!

  3. ifa-->hahaha..memang wajib jeles!! =D

  4. aiman-->mmg TERBAEK GILER 4jam berdiri bertolak2 menunggu beb..daebak! =D hehe tq 4 visiting mine..

  5. gumawuh dilan...yup it was a really nice moment 4 me!! ^^


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