my TOP 10 Karaoke Songs!

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hey guys, did you realized that i've created a NEW SEGMENT in my blog here?! ("^^) it is the TOP 10 COUNTDOWN style of post which is counting ANYTHING THAT I'VE LISTED IN MY LIST from the last number 10 to the first number 1!

yup, i've post several of them such as the TOP 10 list to do when i'm in holiday, TOP 10 of the Eligible Prince all over the world and will be more more AWESOME list in the future. So, here it is MY TOP 10 KARAOKE SONGS! you've already know that how much i love singing, right?so, of course there are the SONGS THAT ARE ALWAYS BE MY FAV PICK during the karaoke session! nah, take a look at the variety genres and languages! ^^

10. Kekal by Ziana Zain

9. Apa Sebenarnya by Fauziah Latif

8. The Power of Love by Celine Dion

7. Menaruh Harapan by Zaiton Sameon

6. You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift

5. Pudar by Rossa

4. Hati Kama by Noraniza Idris ft Siti Nurhaliza

3. Cinta by Jaclyn Victor ft Misya Omar

2. Nobody by Wonder Girls

1. Senggol Senggolan Cubit Cubitan by Mas Idayu! =D hahaa..

yup, THATS IT! the most pick-up song is a DANGDUT SONG! HAHAHHA...i think it was because of the fun and havoc atmosphere that the song successfully gave whenever we sang it. Oh, no we don't just stand straight while singing to it LOL~ of course we were crazily dance a.k.a bersenggolan yarrr to the rhythm of it..hehe...DON'T IMAGINE IT guys because it was so hilarious! ("^______^)

HAHHAA...semua lagu memang saket tekak punya and suara pon hilang, kompem! BUT IT WAS SO SO SO MUCH OF FUN!

to NOLY, wehhh jom jom next venue mana?!? i am always READY here babe... ^^

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