Hijabi Fashion Week is coming again!


^^ Salam...this is like a special post to promote this super cool contest that was successfully gathered all the hijabi fashionista all over the world in their previous contest! during that time, i have ZERO IDEA bout what is exactly this HFW and ONLY realize it when all the fashionista posted on their 7 looks in 7 days! HUH!

so, this time i'll make sure that MY BLOG and its owner IS IN! ("^^) they are still updating the contest details day-by-day, so make sure you gurls go and check out their OFFICIAL page ok!  

here is the info of 7 LOOKS for the 7 DAYS :

Day 1 - Work Wear
Us girls got to make some money! What would you wear in a professional environment?

Day 2 - Formal Attire
Whether it's traditional/cultural, black tie event, weddings, or anything else, show us how you get dressed up for formal event!

Day 3 - Work Out Wear
A new category, but so essential! What do you wear when exercising, going to the gym, or anything to stay active and fit?

Day 4 - Date Night
If you're married, you know what this is all about! Share how you can dress up an outfit for a night out with your husband (or future husband for all us single ladies out there)!

Day 5 - Jummah
Jummah Jamaat (Friday Prayer) is very specific to Islam and the sunnah says to wear something simple, clean, and new if you can! What's your favorite thing to wear when visiting the mosque?

Day 6 - Vacation / Travel
Time to kick back and relax! What do you wear on vacation or while traveling?

Day 7 - Party Hostess
Last HFW we had Girls' Night Out, but this year YOU are the hostess! What would do you wear when you call your girls over to hang out? What kind of parties or get-togethers do you like best?  

sounds as interesting as the previous one, right?! now im so anticipated about it and SHOULD BE HURRY because it will only select 50 participants mehh~ thus, gurls keep updates and the supports!  =) 

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  1. adik ku ini mmg suka fesyen2 hehe ;)
    tgk lar header dia..auwwwww suka!

  2. hahaha..akk pinky ku HEADER mmg kna OVER tauw!! =)

  3. sizzling suzai. i met u dekat OBB pre-love party. n u ada amek pic i. i niko. i'm not sure whthr u still remember me ke tak. :) u pun one of hfw participant ke? :)

  4. yup i remeber u dear ^^ huhuuu..im not REG yet did they already open it?????????? sy saangaat BLUR ni coz nk reg tp cam dorg lom open lg jerrrr =P

  5. yeah. they did. i da dpat cnfirmation email lst mnth lagi. :) dorang da open lama da. :) semua pic must be submitted by this 15th. n i haven't send mine yet. hhaha. :)

  6. mummy-->hahha mmg lah i kn giler fashion! ^^

  7. niko-->ala ala habes i cane nih!! arghh....nk join2! (T___T)

  8. i'm not sure. tpi bukan die still open lgi ke. :) try ur best okkieee. :) bestt of luckkk. :)

  9. yeappp. i rsa bolehh jea. u juz snd the send the picc by 15th. :)

  10. tq so much dear 4 all the help n info!!! ^^

  11. sizzling suzai, sorrryyy for the late rplyy. i bru on9. :) here's the email : "loveHFW" :)

  12. i takk send lagi. memory crd cmera takk boleh bukak plakk. sadsad. mst prbbly i anta tmrow mrning.

  13. I'm afraid it will disqualifies me jea. i pnya gmba semua ntah apa-apa jea. haha. kan i anta lambat nnty. :) tapi on the latest update Em sruh update each day bsed on the given date. i pun takk sure. kalau i disqualified u jea sorang msuk. best of luck eh! :)

  14. Exited about the Competition, In Text Competition we will also be sponsoring


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