Bruno Mars with Lazy Song LIVE on American Idol 2011

By Wednesday, May 04, 2011 ,

bruno mars,the lazy song

hehe..this is not the MV but yup, it is the LIVE AWESOME PERFORMANCE by my only baby!!! to watch the MV --> CLICK HERE

("^_____^) when i post it that means IT IS ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR PERFORMANCE starting with the catchy ragae melody itself, the undeniable voice of MR BRUNO MARS, the international class changes of the rhythm and the super-cute singer himself! ^^

WATCH IT, LISTEN TO IT and you will know what i mean...hehehehe

dearest PETER GENE HERNANDEZ, SUZAI will LOVE you forever!! ("^.^)

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  1. i like his songs much. esp, the song call grenade :)

  2. i dah tengok! memang layan la.sangop tunggu depan tv tengok american idol haritu kot.semata2 bruno mars.wehehe:)


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