10 Eligible Royals --> they are still SINGLE!

10. Prince Sebastien of Luxembourg, 18


BIOGRAPHY : Sport-lover, student at the International School of Luxembourg, 3rd in line to the Luxembourg throne.

MINE OPINION ("^^) : he is too young for me LOL~ but he looks like he gonna be a PERFECT prince as my ex-fiancee, Prince William! hehe

9. Prince Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco, 23


BIOGRAPHY : Moved to Milan in 2006 for uni, partied instead of studying, tabloid fixture, model-dater and fluent in French, Italian and English.

MINE OPINION ("^^) : Oh gosh, he is a VERY-very GOOD-LOOKING guy but.....try to google his images and you will know why he is not in my list~

8. Prince Badr Jafar of Iraq, 31


BIOGRAPHY : Prototype playboy, dated Naomi Campbell, tabloid staple and parties-lover. Studied at Eton College and Cambridge Uni and named as Energy CEO of the year in 2010.

MINE OPINION ("^^) : yup, he is a playful playboy but he is EXCELLENT in studies and career which he has a degree in engineering and  master in FLUID MECHANICS! and have been awarded the Havard Book Award by the Havard University. Wow..impressive but of course NOT IN MY LIST! "^^

7. Prince Andrea Casiraghi of Monaco, 29


BIOGRAPHY : Named as one of the "Top 50 World Most Beautiful People" by People Magazine at the age of 15, 2nd line to the Monaco throne, has a Master's Degree in International Affairs and speaks English, French and Italian

MINE OPINION ("^^) : he is looking like a HANDSOME VAMPIRE with that messy curly hair (>.<) which is i like it coz he is HOT.

6. Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark, 24


BIOGRAPHY :Arsenal football fan, history buff, graduated from prestigious Georgetown University in America with a degree in Foreign Services.

MINE OPINION ("^^) : I LIKE the way his moderate and educated look and i should say that PRINCE PHILIPPOS IS MY PRINCE CHARMING!! (^_________^) very humble, very smart and GREEK! erk~

5. Prince Harry of Wales, 26


BIOGRAPHY : Rebellious nightclub lover, 3rd line to the British throne, opted for the front lines of the Afghanistan War over the halls of uni, participated in sport matches to raise money for charity and loves sports.

MINE OPINION ("^^) : obviously who doesn't know him kan~ yes, he is SINGLE now after he had broke up with Chelsy. so girls if William had been taken, don't worry because we still have PRINCE HARRY here! hehehehe...thus, he is my 5th choice!

4. Prince felix léopold marie guillaume of luxembourg, 26


BIOGRAPHY : Heir to the thron of wealthy Luxembourg, beeginning a Master's Degree in bioethics, loves basketball, polo, skiing and.........carpentry!

MINE OPINION ("^^) : again he is looking like A SEDUCTIVE VAMPIRE here which is I LOVE IT SO MUCH..so he is my 4th choice! hehehe..

3. Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, King of Bhutan, 31


BIOGRAPHY : Adorable dimpled, dubbed "prince charming" by the Thai press, became a king at the age of 26, completed a degree in Foreign Service and a MPhil in politics and both from Oxford.

MINE OPINION ("^^) : ok, he is the only ASIAN PRINCE here. yup, a very good looking guy plus with a package of brilliant brain but i just think he looks too old for me! HAHA..tipu giler kalau betol prince ni minat kat akuh tua mane pon xkesah beb....  XD

2. Prince Amedeo of Belgium, 25


BIOGRAPHY : Marathon runner, descended from nearly every European royal family that has ever existed, received military training and is reserved officer in the Belgian army and now working in finance at the New York branch of Deloitte.

MINE OPINION ("^^) : yes, he is cute and almost perfect so...WE'RE ON! hahhaha..he is my number 3.

1. Prince Carl Philip, 31


BIOGRAPHY : 2nd line to the throne, talented graphic designer, now dating glamor model, Sofia Hellqvist and HE IS LOOKING ABSOLUTELY LIKE ORLANDO BLOOM!

MINE OPINION ("^^) :yeahh, HE IS THE MOST ELIGIBLE PRINCE after Prince William is switching OFF his light and prominently he is a good looking guy, very charismatic prince look and almost a PREFECT royals of Orlando Bloom! thus, HE IS THE 2ND CHOICE in my prince list ^^

So, gurls don't worry and stop crying over William because we still have the chance to be like the gorgeous Kate Middletone. hehe..

prince philippos

dear PRINCE PHILIPPOS....YOU ARE my prince charming coz YOU ARE SO ADORABLE CUTE! (^.^)

source credited to original article by CLEO APRIL 2010
images credited to google images

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  1. rekemenkan i sorang. sorang jeeeee

  2. hahah...mek lah y 1st tuh prince carl coz he was listed at number 1 by the source...means that he is the best among the best! "^^


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