summary for today and planning for tomorrow!

hehe...saje jer wat tayangan umum! =)

tittle : me and the refrigerator

firstly, im BORED to death which explain why this edited image was created! =P it was in my workplace a.k.a the lab that i've been rambling previously. ok plz ignore the refrigerator. haha..why it was bored because i have to wait for 2hrs for 4 gaps to finish my experiment and I AM ALL ALONE! yup, NOBODY there except me and the refrigerator....

then, i successfully DOWNLOADED lots of new K-POP songs and the latest episodes of VAMPIRE DIARIES and true blood as well! now this is FUN TO DEATH..haha

tittle : me, himpunan jutaan belia and SUJU M OPPA!

Kyaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't believe it! it is TOMORROW NIGHT that i'll meet my oppa without spending any ringgit..hahha this is absolutely a blast since i gave up the previous SUPERSHOW 3 in Malaysia due to the money constraint. but now, it is F.O.C and i shouldn't miss it!

yup, i'm extremely excited here =) another thing that will prevent me from having a good night sleep is tomorrow I CAN DRESS UP MYSELF AND TAKING LOTS OF PHOTO! besides for sure there will be lots of booth that sell cheap fashion & artistic stuff. haiiiyaaaa....i know i will not able to handle it mahh~

ok, then, i'm so sleepy right now. GOOD NIGHT my dearest reader! Assalamualaikum!  (^.^)

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  1. waah!!bestnya dpt pegi tgk mcm2.huu..nk balik msia..

  2. ifa--sgt sgt sgt rugi..haha mehlar blk msia cpat le kt jumpe! ^^

  3. very cute outfit suzai!<3 lovin that top!:)


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