How to wear PASTELS without looking wrong!

originally i read this HOW TO WEAR PASTELS BASED ON YOUR UNDERTONE COMPLEXION at the CHICTOPIA.COM. the short article is really great. so, i decided to share with you here since right now PASTELS IS REALLY ON! (^^)

now, have you ever find out this situation where you were attracted to your GF's sweet soft pink top but once you try it on yourself, IT JUST DOESN'T WORK! well based on the article it may due to the undertone complexion of human being is differ with each other. they called it COOL vs WARM COMPLEXION.

haha..lets find out what is yours then, you can choose the most suitable PASTELS on the plate!


1. Looking at your forearms under natural light or outdoors. Looking at the vein colour, what colour do you see?
- If blue, then you’re cool.
- If green, then you’re warm.

2. Coloured jewelry can also play a part in what your undertone may be.
- If you tend to gravitate towards silver jewelry, you are cool.
- If you look better in gold jewelry, then you’re warm.

3. Lastly, depending if you burn or not under the sun is a good indicator, too!
- You don’t get tanned – then you’re cool 
- You can get tanned – then you’re warm.


Cool Colours:
- Pink
- Lavender
- Baby Blue 
- Mint Green

Warm Colours:
- Coral 
- Light Yellow
- Peach
- Avocado Green


ok, i guess you already got your own pastels and now another problem to be solve. HOW TO PLAY WITH that PASTELS? here are 3 methods given :


applying the 'colour blocking' element in this kind of style will be sweeter than that above magnificant macaroons! is a nice ex from Juicy Melon.



playing with the 'almost' the same colour as long as it is in the same spectrum! like orange and peach..take a look at this chictopian Mayo Wo.



this is for a people who are afraid looking like a walking cupcakes and just wanna wear less pastels. then, just go for the is Cheyser Pedregosa giving you some idea!


well actually THERE ARE LOTS AND LOTS OF OTHER GREAT EXAMPLES of wearing a pastel just visit my FAV FASHION PAGE LOOKBOOK and this CHICTOPIA itself. then, i hope this is helping you girls and me! ^^

as usual i always eager to dress up and giving the example by myself but huhu..but as you've already know that NOBODY IS SO FREE TO PLAY-IN-STYLE WITH ME LOL~ =(

lastly, THANKS for reading and this whole TIPS AND IMAGES ARE CREDITED TO CHICTOPIA.COM. CLICK HERE for the original post!

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  1. omg omg! i loveeeeee this info! thanks for sharing sis!

  2. no prob sis! sharing is TOTALLY caring! ^^

  3. sis, i nak post dekat blog i jugak eyhh. will definitely backlink u

  4. ok no prob..hehe just credit it back to chictopia n me ("^^) tq for liking it najlaa!


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