Dentyne Terrar-OKE contest by HOT FM!

By Sunday, May 15, 2011 , ,


hehehe..actually this was on the last MONDAY when i was on the way back from the workplace! thats the REASON of sungguh tak glamournyer baju kurung itu! hate the messy look there but what can i do because this was very spontaneous action as i just drove there when i heard that the HOT FM ZOOMERS opened up an audition for their dentyne singing contest at PKNS Bangi!

AARRgghhhhhhhhhhhhhh...IGNORE the ugly look there!!!!  (T___T)

honestly, i don't have any idea about the contest but what i know is they recorded my acapella singing vid and will open up for an online voting! the most important is the 1st prize is iPhone and a cash of RM 15, 000 (^.^) and there are also consolation prizes of 50 x RM100..haha just hoping i'll get something from it since it is too simple, just sing and win!

in conclusion of this story-morry is I LOVE SINGING SO MUCH and please pray for me that i'll enter the next stage and finally WIN A CASH as i'm desperately need money now!!! HAHAHA =D

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  1. haha tq hurun! wish me luck k ^^

  2. haha..comelnya suzai nyanyi2 pkai bju kurung..hehe..tapi dah kurus lah..waaahh..:)

  3. hai akk ku syg!!! =D HAHA sungguh huduh sy nyampah nengoknyerr tp nk wat camner bru blk koje BALUN je lar ek~ hahaa...

    alemak skg da GEMOK blk da.....tiap2 hari breakfast nsi lemak kot! =P


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