how can I stop LOVING him?!

hey, B#### oh ok....hey lady do please STAY AWAY FROM MY BABY!  =P

OH MAI GOD!!!!!!!! guys, i just cant stop loving this shawty guy. don't care what he did and don't care what people say I WILL ALWAYS MELT BY HIS MAGNIFICENT VOICE and HIS extremely CUTENESS! ("~__~)

BRUNO BABY PLEASE KNOW that my heart, my soul and my kidney (as he said in his funny vid ^^) is always belong to you!!

okeyh..the reason of this ROMANCE FEELING on this evening is i've watch back THIS SPECTACULAR GRENADE PERFORMANCE on the last Grammy Award 2011. THIS IS REALLY REALLY AWESOME...huh nobody can be a Bruno Mars~

just PLAY the vid and you'll get what i mean...

the new arrangement is AWESOME..the old school look is PERFECT and the voice-that-melting-my-heart is TO DIE FOR!

dearest Peter Gene know that I LOVE YOU rite?!! ("^___^)

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  1. haha he is beautiful!
    thank you for your comment left on my blog <3
    and no i'm not indian, i'm bengali :D (bangladesh)


  2. heheheh..he is beautiful..oh my baby~ not he is too cute lah!!! =) oh sorry i thought u r indian..


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