Women vs HIGHER education

ok, today's topic sounds quite intellectual, huh?! ("^^) haha.. i knew that most of the time i'm rambling on the things i did in the past, the only FUN parts in my clumsy life, chezzy fashion stuff and lots and lots of disadvantageous posts!  

well actually the reason of i started blogging was to express my unsatisfactory on lots of matter including POLITICS! haha..but due to several Malaysian Law Court cases that involved the extremist blogger, I AM TOTALLY REJECTED MY OWN IDEA! =P

so, this gonna be a short thought of mine since we've been discussed about it during our morning NASI LEMAK just now! HAHA..sungguh ber-educated nyer tajuk borak-borak pagi kitorg erk~ =D yup, WOMEN VS HIGHER EDUCATION have been dragged lots of opinions and views since the day of women started to get themselves a SPM certificate long long time ago!

before we get too serious about the topic, firstly let me give the definition of that HIGHER EDUCATION. it is refers to the level of studies in uni and college such as academics DEGREE, professional certifications, master, ph.D and so on. 

now, lets make it sounds like a DEBATE! haha..i used to be a debater when i was in school tau~ so, as a government today, i am ABSOLUTELY AGREE saying that it is not a fault for a woman to get a HIGHER EDUCATION as long as they know their own responsibilities as a WIFE, MOTHER, DAUGHTER and w.o.m.a.n!

thus, WHY DOES the phrase of " alah, perempuan belajar tinggi-tinggi pun xguna...last-last duduk kat dapur juga.." is still in a man's mind?! ("~_____~)

i thought that skeptical view had gone. haiyooa..but it is still there on some MEN'S OLD SCHOOL BRAIN! as for me, this category of people are still being trap under the coconut shell! ("^^) oh, come on the world is changing each and every second, so we have to move on~

now, keep that old phrase behind and believe the new one that i think WOMEN should have a higher education as long as they strongly holding their responsibilities well and be as moderate as they can be in front of the hubby! ^^


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