Hijabi Trendsetter : YUNA ZARAI

yuna zarai
image is taken from her LOOKBOOK ^^ (yunazarai.lookbook.nu)

who doesn't know her and who doesn't LOVE her?! okey, for the haters of course they don't but still they can't deny the fact that YUNA ZARAI is super talented and brilliant entertainer! ^^

hemm..i don't wanna talk about her biography here as MALAYSIAN especially the HIJABI GIRLS are already-extremely familiar with this HIJABI TRENDSETTER. thus, i just wanna share a fact that MAYBE you miss out about her which is she own a shop called as IAMJETFUEL. it was located at Subang and hey, i still don't get the chance to visit there yet LOL~ ("~.~)

anyhow, i always anticipating about the stuff there. so why don't you guys try check on her ONLINE SHOP at CLICK HERE

k then, i should say YUNA ZARAI is the best influence in this whole HIJABI FASHION VIRUSES all over the world and i should also say that I LOVE YUNA ZARAI! GO YUNA GO! (^____________^)

yuna zarai
oh, i LOVE this simple sweet image and it is credited to imjetfuel!

end with the memories of meeting the very very HUMBLE YUNA ZARAI!

yuna zarai

i HATE my own look there..so plz do IGNORE it! but this is the 1st time im meeting her at the VASELINE party..hehe we were chatting comfortably as it was a private party, so less ppl there, only us! ^^


obviously, at the MAYSAA event where im excitedly wanna meet the gorgeous HANA TAJIMA..hahaha but still excited meeting her too~ ("^^)

lastly, THANKS GUYS FOR READING my infamous blog here. I TRULY LOVE MY READER!

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  1. wahh bestnya jumpa mereka tu semua :)

  2. abg eq suka pic yuna ni...tak salah kita berfesyen cara yuna ni. up to date!

  3. mirrah-->hehe mmg sweet memory la =) they were all very humble n sweet!

  4. haha..tq abg eq~ yup mane y ELOK kt ikut lah y x tu xyah la kan..but she is always trying her best to b d good ex..rite?! ^^

  5. everyone in the picture looks soo sweet :) i really love seeing all this hijab fashion. its inspiring.

    p/s: kpop fan eh? keke. hi five :D

  6. eleh..thanks n yup..take this PAAP!! (the hi-5)haha

  7. encik hamzah-->hhaha pekah maksudnyer..anda menanye sy ke memuji ke..hahhaha thanks a lot 4 visiting mine here (^^)

  8. bestnye dpt jmpe ngn dowang ehhh..i minat ngn style yunaaa...pe2 pong org ckp psl yuna, i still minat kt yuna gakk..haahaaa..

  9. suka tgk Yuna...Hana Tajima style tu kan rasa mcm die je blh paakai..hahah kalau kt pakai mcm mak cik2 je nampak selekeh ..hahahahah


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