the series of Nora Elena (Akasia on TV3)

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ha ha ha ha....SAYA SUKE yang BAJU PUTIH ITU! ("^___________^)

hehe..this is really a first time i'm talking about MALAY story plus A SERIES?!! Arghhh..wait guys, don't think NEGATIVE about me LOL i just don't like to watch ANY SERIES because it is long and i hate to be addicted to it! i should say that this drama is so lucky to be feature here in my blog! HAHAHA..well actually i don't really interested to continuously watching this so-typical malay drama in which we can ALREADY GUESS THE ENDING! (>.<) huhu...but i guess i'm still attracted to it as there are two HANDSOME + badan-ketak-ketak-punyer ACTORS and so-beautiful actress (her whitey smoothy skin is to die for, sangat cun sangat jeles!

however, the credits should be given to my friend who told me that this was an adaptation from a novel called as Kasih Yang Suci written by Meen Zulaikha. (of course i don't have any idea bout it since i'm not a novel's fan~) the reason here is because i'm always believe that a story from a novel is a GREAT story, now it just depends on the script writer and the director!

OK..this maybe a bit emotional..HAHA i don't know why but i kept on imagine myself in Nora Elena's shoes! i can feel the pain, the heartbroken that she will suffer once she know that she was marry to THE MOST HATRED PERSON IN HER LIFE! was so so so painful~ yup, the reason of this whole post is i wanna ramble about what i feel when i watch this melodramatic drama. ("~.~)

now, picture yourself as who is not being trusted by your own beloved fiancee. then, there is a 'PERFECT' guy who come and saying that he loves you so much. yup, its absolutely TRUE that a woman should marry a man who loves her not in the other way around, and yup i'm looking for it too..! ("^________^) so, this is like a dream to every girl including Si Nora Elena ni lah kan~ but the real secret behind it is extremely giving an unforgivable pain! (T___T) WAaarrggghh...TODAY EPISODE is bringing tears in my eyes...

thus, i guess i should stop expressing my emotional part here and CONTINUE my normal life waiting for something that worth to be waiting...

eh, before that i should say that the OST SONGS are great especially the SOLO FEMALE song. here are the list of this NORA ELENA OST :

Dan Bila Esok – Sofaz
Sesuatu yang Berbeza – Sofaz
Biar Hati yang Mencintai – Sarah Aqilah
Terhenti Di Sini – Asfan
Berubah – Erry Putra & Reen Rahim
Jangan Kau Pergi – Erry Putra & Reen Rahim


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  1. hehe, pernah tertengok satu episod dan agak menarik! lepas ni boleh la tgk tiap2 hari sbb da cuti semester heheh, Suzai pon kn? heheh

  2. cop cop coppppp suzai!!!! bkn yg baju outih tu bofren abby ke?? jgn bermain dgn api kang kena cepuk ngn abby hahhahahahhh :D

  3. sy tdk cuti cek azham but im doing my practical so, im staying at home rite now..haha so dats why le nonton ni =D

  4. eh farihah BUKAN GOSSIP JE KER??? arghh tdk tdk tdk bju putih sy punye!!! =(

  5. eversince room mate bawak tv kat kolej tak pernah miss cerit kat TV3 yang petang-petang ni.

    nora eleena best jugak. suka tengok. tapi takdela concentrate. just nak tau cerita jela.

    btw, dalam banyak2 lagu tu fav lagu terhenti di sini hehe

  6. haha..skg cter ni mmg da best dh..plot die ok xcam typical malay drama y merepek ke lah! =) hahah sy nyer fav song lgu BERUBAH tu..sedihnyer tiap kali dgr nk nanges! haha


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