Intuition [FIRTS STEP] by CN BLUE sensation of K-POP world will never stop flowing in me! ("^___^) so, you guys already know that im a TRUE FAN of SUPER JUNIOR (and actually many many many more..hehhe) but you should also keep in mind that im one of million CN BLUE 's fan as well!

CN BLUE --> these pretty boys band of Korea is not famous based on their looks only but they totally came with the packages of AWESOME voice of YongHwa and talented guitarist and drummer!! and hey, they composed their own songs which are almost of them are the great songs. (seriously serious~)

so, here is the new single from their new album, FIRST STEP. well, actually right now they already came out with the 2nd single which is LOVE GIRL but hey,  i prefer INTUITION more!! stop talking suzai, because they will only get it when they PLAY the super nice bad boy type of MV here. (>.<)


napun namja...but still love it! for me, this new rythm is sounds quite familiar and not really different from their previous HOT SONG such as LOVE and WAETORIYA (I'm a loner). CHECK IT!

LOVE Official MV by CN BLUE

I'M A LONER Official MV by CN BLUE

however, guys INTUITION IS STILL DAEBAK and im still kept replaying it everyday! ^^

CN BLUE is ALWAYS a great K-POP BAND in Korea!

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  1. whoaa, thats a giant machine and hell lotsa them.


  2. haha..u r talking bout my fyp project rite?? yup, it is huge but alhamdulillah we've got adapt with it after a while n it was so happy to know hw to operate such a big machine! ^^


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