Look #96 - How To Wear That Slouchy Pants?

unbranded scarf from HK / F21 cardigan & inner / unbranded slouchy pants 
from Chiang Mai / Mustard boot & bag from Bandung

Well, i'm 200% sure that you are amazed and attracted to the beauty of the arts behind me instead of the pants that i'd like to highlight! haha...to be honest i'm still impress by the splendid design of that Wat Rong Khun or better known as White Temple which located at the Chiang Rai, Thailand till today. no worry, will showcase in details later. wait ah!

So, that slouchy pants isn't my first piece. oh, i am totally loving this kinda trouser so much. the reason of this overloaded loves are because the pants is loose-fit which give the utmost comfy level, baggy enough to allow those legs to breath, elasticized-scrunchy leg (cannot see as it is quite long for my height..haha), soft material and comes together with an admirable pattern. Oh, forgot to zoom-in as the print is greatly displaying Chiang Mai since there are cute elephant prints on it!  =.=

Long time ago, i have this thing in mind. those baggy cut will make me look fatter, chubbier and slothful! Err..girls, throw those rubbish away as here are some tricks that might do some help.

1. ENSURE the top is slim fit style as to balance the baggy effect down there.
2. if pairing with a blazer / jacket, make sure it is a well-tailored for your body shape.
3. pair with heels can helps to lengthen the pants. so, less baggy!
4. if it is a printed one just like mine, pick a solid colour top.
5. just be confidence about it, then settled!

Disclaimer: photographed by EmiliaLai. edited by SizzlingSuzai. 
credit info to fashion maga-zine


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  1. ala..apsal x beli lebih..jual la kat sini sayang oi...


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