Look #97 - Layering The Cropped Tee With LOVE

Vincci sunnies / Unbranded scarf from HK / Topshop graphic tee / F21 cardigan / 
Diesel jeans / Copper Rings from Chiang Rai / Unbranded bag & boot from Bandung

Salam Ramadhan..  :)

First of all, sure you might wonder bout the location. gosh, i forgot to jot down the exact name but this temple is in Chiang Rai, Thailand. still in the traveling mood and this outfit was my 3rd day look. all items were being repeated here except the inner top which graphically wrote LOVE on it.

Yup, the highlight of this look is that brand-new tank top which is being cropped at the front. before ending up pairing it with that cardi, i was pondering and mix-matching with several outerwear and everything is looking very ugly!

So, got this few tips for those is petite and have a bigger upper body compare to the bottom just like me. by wearing a cropped tee, it makes our upper part looks double-bigger. so, to layer it with another piece is kinda impossible! therefore, do please find any outerwear with a slim-fit cut and light material to be wear on top of it or otherwise, you will look bulky and fattier! ;P

I don't know if you are facing the same prob as mine. haha..but still hoping that this idea could be an SOS for those who is looking for it. Then, wait for the final day of the Chiang Mai / Chiang Rai trip soon and Happy Fasting peeps!

* Photograhed by TommyLee and Edited by SizzlingSuzai *


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