Look #95 - The Time Traveler

F block scarf / Uniqlo jeans / outerwear . bag . boot are from Bandung

Salam Ramadhan.. :)

Well, this is another look that could possibly best describe my own personal style. categorized under the streetstyle with a bit touch of boyish element yet effortlessly cool! my major concern is always the comfortability since being a traveler will demand you to double up your movement. so, avoid skirts and heels!

Honestly, all items are being repeated but never mixed with one another before. i'd like to highlight the pants which is one of my first purchase of Uniqlo. haha..frankly, i'm not really favour the styling since it is a basic wear but this coloured pants successfully attracted me since it is only RM 49.90! ;)

Then, never tired of the eye-catching boot. very comfy and the most indulgence item in my wardrobe. love it to the max! yup, you gonna see it on every look of this visit. lalalalala...bear with me!

I'd likely wanna ramble more on the tremendous architectural behind instead of the whole outfit. hahaha..so, the extravaganza location is at the Royal Flora Ratchaphruek of Chiang Mai. yup, i've been visiting the country on the last 21st June 2013. did i mentioned in here that my company was having a trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand?? hehe..no worry sure will share the packed itinerary soon.. ^^

Last word; Happy Fasting peeps!

* Disclaimer: photographed by TommyLee and edited by SizzlingSuzai *


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  1. hui bestnya asik p jalan2 je...

  2. piqa --> tq yang oi! ^^

    kak ogosh --> hehehhe sblm kahwin kak t dh kawen kna lahh dok umh je..plak..hahahha


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