That Tote and Scarf

By Monday, July 29, 2013 ,

Scarf from Waffaa / Tote from Singapore

Salam Ramadhan..  ;)

Just another rambling.

That chiffon scarf is my current experimental item to replace the boring cotton scarf. thanks dear hot mummy and assuredly, gonna wear it as soonest as possible! i love the light material and the vibrant colour so much. well, orange and me are made for each other and that is explaining on why lot of my garments are hued by that colour. so, more colours and more selections, kindly visit Waffaa by Wawa Tasliman.

Tote, got it at Singapore during the recent visit. fail to recall the price but i guess it is not more than RM10 as i got it at a souvenir shop located at the Orchard Road. imma huge fan of Starbucks's caramel frappuccino, so looking at the print was making me dying to own the bag. thank God, the material is very tough and very roomy too. Love it!

Hope your final 10th days of Ramadhan will be more impressing. insyAllah. c ya on the next post.  ;)


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  1. akak!! pika pun suka Starbuck's Caramel Frappuccino....yummsss...
    suka tote!

  2. lorh tau smlm g minum minum frappuccino caramel dluh! hahahhaa


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