Chiang Mai Itinerary - Day 1

Salam Ramadhan..  ;)

Finally, here is the long-listed itinerary of my company trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand. so, i will story the whole things together with the perfectly-defined photos for your guidance. hope it will help to plan for your next visit though~ ^^

So, the visit was done on the last 21st June 2013 till 24th June 2013. took about 2hrs flight from KUL to CNX airport. the time difference with Malaysia is like 1hr earlier. once we arrived, we straight away went to the Royal Floral Garden which is at the middle of the city. 

#1 Royal Floral Garden / Royal Flora Ratchaphruek

This large land took about 80 hectares and we strolled around it by an open mini bus and while it was a raining day! got many highlights to attract tourist but my fav are the 21,000 square meters that featured 30 countries inclusive Malaysia. personally, it was like our Malacca's Mini Asean Graden lah~ should credit the impressive landscapes which beautifully embellished the whole area.  

hahaha..i always the happy me!

Besides, i am totally impress by the tremendous Ho Kham Royal Pavilion which representing Thai's culture and design delicately. the superior exterior and interior of the pavilion are absolutely stunning. yup, a place which you definitely need to visit. thumbs up!

#2 Doi Suthep Temple

You can  take the automatic cable car / tram to go up the Doi Suthep Temple. it cost only 50 baht (RM5 and two-ways) for foreigners and free to the locals. this is a sacred place to lots of thai people and you need to dress properly and take out the shoes to enter. i was told that the top of the chedi is originally made by a real gold and the famous thing about this temple is the history of the white elephant who determine the location of the tample's construction looong time ago! well, such a nice temple indeed. thumbs up!

#3 Homes Industries (Shopping Stop)

Honestly, i don't favour all these stops!! HAHA..but let me ramble on it a bit. The Parrasit Honey is selling lot of honey-made foodies inclusive the raw itself. based on my colleague, 1 bottle of raw honey is RM97. 

next, the Leather Shop is the most boring place on the earth! haha..the selling items are really expensive almost RM200 and above but the designs are seriously bad. not sure about the quality but i'm absolutely don't recommended you guys to waste your time on it!

Then, the Silver-ware Gems Gallery is way way better. are woman's BFF right?! well, i was going quite crazey looking at the jewellery displayed and lastly, i bought one silver ring for my mom that cost RM80 which is the CHEAPEST lorh~ should credit the great service that they had provided as if the size doesn't fit you, no worry because they will fix it and send to your hotel within 1-2 hours without any additional charge! 

Last one, the Sweet Shop is the another boring thing! yup, i'm being honest here because the sweeties are nothing than the one that you can find here in Malaysia. nothing special and besides, why you wanna buy sweetsss in Chiang Mai??? hahaha..don't get the idea lorh~ so, cross out this place ok! ;D

#4 Check-in: The Imperial Mae Ping Hotel

Then, about 5p.m we checked-in at the fabulous hotel as mentioned. located at the hub of the city, very near to the town, specifically on the Sridonchai Road. 4-star hotel that provided indulgence facilities inclusive a beautiful swimming pool! hehe..sorry no photo, do please google it by yourself yar~  thumbs up!

#5 Khun Khantoke (Authentic Lanna Dining & Show)

Seriously, i adore the place as much as the dazzling Kampung Daun Gallery & Cafe at the Bandung, Indonesia. yup, quite the same concept, extremely spacious for a restaurant, a cultural dining place and sure will be fascinate by the delicate decorations! sure will write a special REVIEW for this. wait yar~  thumbs up!

#6 Night Bazaar & Anusarn Market

Undeniably, a night market is a compulsory place to be list in my travel itinerary! so, this is the right place where you can experience the hustle and bustle of the night in Chiang Mai. specifically, located along the Chang Khlan Road, all the vendors are selling cheap items which you can bargain as usual.

fyi, you can find McD (not sure but i think its not Halal lah~), Starbucks, Haagen-Dazs and lot of Thai massage studios at this area. foot, leg and back massage was very relaxing and it cost us like RM30 for 1/2 hour. hehe..thanks a lot bos for paying all the bills!! ;)

Well, based on the experience, the Anusarn Market which is at the end of the road is providing cheaper prices tags compare to the vendors outside. yup, the items are not much difference. what they are selling? fav slauchy printed pants which i'll showcase on my next outfit post! haha..then, lot of accessories, lot of tees and tops, home decorations, snacks and etc etc. Oh besides, here you can find HALAL arabian and indian restaurants. plus, seafood houses too. two words; fascinating and thumbs up!

OK done, super tired as i took almost 2 days to complete this post!! thank God as its weekend and not sure when can i continue writing the 2nd day. haha..anyhow, hope this is informative enough and wait for the 2nd DAY and 3rd DAY update yar.

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