Give It To Me by SISTAR (씨스타)

Specifically, on 11th June 2013, SISTAR released the 2nd album with a killer tittle track, "GIVE IT TO ME". undeniably addicting, this track is definitely the best one after the hit "Alone"!

Seriously killing, this song hit on number #1 for all the 9 music charts within two hours of its released!! as reported by the wiki. well, i must said that the catchy melody is assuredly fresh, sounds as chic as the members and plus those husky voices of both Hyorin and Soyou contributes to the overall success of it.

Then, the choreography is quite simple (compared to "Alone") yet still over-loaded with the sexiness of all the members flirtatious attitude. simply LOVE everything about this comeback! check the LIVE performance at the Mnet Countdown glamorous stage.

Undoubtedly Addicting huh?! my utmost fav part is the starting by Soyou. omo, her voice is extremely sexy and yet very emotionally expressed. LOVE love LOVE!

Ya right, hahaha..i can't stop on replaying the song again and again. its very easy to capture especially the chorus part of "Give it to me Oh Babe Give it to me.." . thus, chugha haeyo SISTAR and Keep on Fighting!! 

Malaysian STAR1 ^^

Footnote: sorry for posting this on tonight...


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