GDragon One Of A Kind 2013 First World Tour Live in Singapore

Event: GDragon's One Of A Kind 2013 First World Tour
Date: 29th June 2013
Venue: Indoor Stadium, Singapore.

Dearest, please loosen up your frown as yup, i was there in SINGAPORE for GD 'One Of A Kind' 1st World Tour 2013 Live in SINGAPORE! Giler kn?! hahaha..a KPOP die-hard fan is here bebeh~ ;D

Honestly, tons of kisses to my lovely KPOP buddy, JunYoo for giving me the FREE passes to the concert. Oh dear, jeong mal kamsahamnida!! :) yup, no prob at all for both of me and MissTia to travel all the way to that Merlion city as traveling is our UTMOST INTEREST!!

Well, sure will talk more about that short visit lor. hehe..i'm damn excited upon it as it was my very first time visiting the country and assuredly, it was one of my dream back then! ok back to the GD oppa's tour, guys here are some shots that i managed to poorly capture by using my limited lens 55m. huhu.

me with JunYoo....woohoo tqsm dear!! ^^

Should i claim how much that i was having fun during the whole evening?? seriously, the concert was too awesome to describe in a word. G Dragon is definitely ONE OF A KIND!!! he sang all his hit songs; my favourite Heartbreaker & Breath, Crayon, One Of A Kind, Missing You (ft Kim Yuna), A Boy and etc etc etc.

Oh, including the song, The Leader (Wassup) which featuring CL from 2NE1. ok, did i mention that 2NE1 is the guest of the night. yup, ain't nobody is better that CL, Sandara, Park Bom and Minji! Oh love the girls so much and yup, it was my 2nd time meeting them. hehe...check 2NE1 at TwinTower2013Live concert which was clearly defined! ;)

A big applause should be given to the stage design & graphics as it was absolutely AWESOME AWESOME and AWESOME! again, photos can't define it as we were dropping our jaw throughout the night looking at the overall performances, the stage as well as the energetic GD who entertained us with all of his heart. GD oppa, nomu saranghaeyo!!!!

Again, G DRAGON is absolutely DAEBAK!!! (^.^)


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