Look #98 - That Girl In Peplum And Book!


Salam Ramadhan..  :)

Admittedly, this is my very first peplum! not that i dislike it but i just don't find the right-one for me yet at that moment. so, this mustard coloured top caught my attention when me and the bff strolling at the downtown of Jalan Reko, Kajang. if i'm not mistaken it is around RM30+ kot~!

Well, this photo was captured few months ago in saying that by now, i've already own few pieces of peplum dresses for this coming Raya. yeahoooo..!! undeniably, i LOVE it so much!  ;)

I'm so assure that this 2013 Eidulfitri will be overflowed by the peplum dresses all over the open houses! haha..sure can be seen anywhere at anytime plus featuring any kind of designs. Wow, i'm so anticipated by this phenomenon since peplum has gone through variety of cuts. the simple rounded one as mine, the asymmetry cutting, the fishtail and so-on-and-so-forth. huhu so, what is yours???

Back to the outfit, it was actually capturedan outfit from a friend's wedding. yup, his wife is ahakkksss quite the famous hijabista girl, Si Noor Al-Hamed tu. hehe..to Zaid & Qilah, wish you guys are blessed to live happily ever after. amin..

How can i am not loving this shot?? with some of my gorgeous girlfriends who are still waiting for the wedding bell to ring. hahhaha..insyAllah our time will come. pray and pray and pray...

Happy Eidulfitri in advance!  ^^

* Photographed by NurAtiqah and Edited by SizzlingSuzai *


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  1. lawaa la akak pkai peplum..nampak feminin..hihii..

  2. hahhaha thats y i rarely wear it dear..hahah tqsm!!

  3. omg..cantikkkk sgt2 tau..ayu gitu..hehe

    *header baru pun cantik tu..:)

  4. cantik la baju tu..tapi dah buat baju raya..so xleh pakai utk raya..hehe


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