Look #94 - Maxi Dress With Boots

F block scarf / Vincci Sunnies / Forever 21 Cardigan and Maxi Dress / F21 rings / 
Boot and Bag from Bandung, Indonesia

Firstly, i'd like to highlight that i forgot to tie a knot at the bottom of the dress!! omg it was like a huge mistake when it comes to combine a dress with any boots because you can't clearly see the sassy boots underneath the long garment. so, it is quite a waste lorh~ sigh.

Obviously, the printed maxi dress is a brand-new item. i love the tribal print so much as it is bold but in the same time the earthy colours combo perfectly balance the whole look. so, got it at the Hong Kong's F21 which is super memorable for me. yup, everybody knows that how much i adore the brand but you should also bear in mind that i'm trying to visit all the franchises all over the world. haha..still a long way to go as i can only cross out Malaysia, HK and Singapore! Leyh~!

Basically, this surprising combo is seamlessly trending now. well, i'm sure some of you might not favour it except a street-style hooker like me who always looking for something that is not very-feminine but not really edgy. hehe..so, i must credit the trendsetters as it makes me feel utmost convenience wearing a dress while being a city hunter at the Merlion City of Singapore.

Specifically, the location is at the Marina Sand Bay of Singapore when i visited the country on the last 29th June 2013. no worry as i will update about that short visit soon and assuredly, you will feeling damn bored looking at the outfit as we're not booking any room there, we're just staying-up for the whole night. yup, you've read it a 2D1N vacation without sleeping. hmmm sure exhausting but absolutely FUN! ^^

courtesy of shana via aintnomomjeans

yup, this is what i exactly meant. so, girls please don't feel guilty or awkward walking around in your boots while wearing a maxi dress since it is happening! haha..thanks for reading loves.

* Disclaimer: photographed by TiaJamaluddin and edited by SizzlingSuzai *


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