Chiang Rai Itinerary - The Final Day 3

Salam Ramadhan...  ;)

Lets continue on the 3rd day. basically, we started the day at Chiang Rai and departed back to Chiang Mai on the evening. several interesting attractions could be share in here. honestly, this 3rd day trip is quite like the 'Lawatan Sambil Belajar' because i do learn a lot! seriously, read my description and views upon each place. initiate with the most famous and unique place to visit in Chiang Rai, The Long Neck Karen.

#1 Long Neck Hill Tribe Village

As being told by the tour guide, this tribe is still practicing their old believes and cultures. well obviously, can see it!! if you heard about the full story of their tradition on how a girl becomes a woman and can marry a guy, it sure will disgust you! 

Yup, you can't even find any men since they went out for 'works' as claimed. then, leaving only the women and child welcoming the tourists and selling their handcrafts. i'm sorry but i'm totally disagree with this kinda practice and pity them from the deep of my heart. so, i'm not really enjoying this visit though~  ;'(

A very tempting place to visit and LEARN! personally, knowing this tribe taught me a lot on how people survive differently and why should i be very grateful about my own life. Alhamdulillah...

#2 Golden Triangle (Thailand, Laos & Myanmar)


This triangle point is like a center between 3 countries; Thailand, Laos and Myanmar! yup, need to ride the long boat along the Meakhong River to be at that 'triangle'. you can actually see those three countries face-to-face with each other but seriously, nothing different to my sight. they are all look and feel the same!

Honestly, besides the miracle triangle, there was no other attraction such as beautiful scenery and so on to be witness by you. thus, i'd say let just escape this one! hmmm..still remember the fascinating experience of the Pearl River Night Cruise of Guangzhou, China few months ago. definitely differ and a very memorable one.

Anyhow, i do impress a lot of the fact that The Almighty God, Allah S.W.T has created this land so beautiful and so unique which could never be done by anybody else! Subhanallah..

#3 Hall Of Opium

Another place to gain beneficial knowledge! Opium Poppies is actually the name of the plant which able to ending up with two differ side effects; the good and the bad one. assuming that you guys already know that this is the main ingredient of making the drug lor. so, this mini museum exhibits the history of the plant and the chronology of the illegal existence by this one tribe. sorry forgot the name but again, their believes and traditions are shocking me!

Like this, long time ago they selected the most beautiful lady in the village and kept her. every boy who turns into a man and wanna get marry should have sex with her. the reason is as simple as they need to learn on how to do 'that' thing. Oh c'mon, it is a human-nature which everybody knows how to 'do' it when the time really comes, no need a demonstrator lah~! i am seriously freaking mad hearing this historically fact. then, when she died, they buried her and planted this plant right on top of her chest. ta-da it growth to be this killer Opium Poppies flower!

anyhow, the tour guide claimed that do not 100% believe it lorh~ Am i right? this trip is giving lot of knowledge and a very informative too! hihi

#4 Somewhere between Opium Museum and Mae Sai District (Gold Big Buddha Temple)

I'm totally don't have any idea bout the name of this temple but still wanna include in here. well, it just a small one located beside a road and in front of a market. yup, that is the highlight besides the stunning big golden Buddha sculpture in the photo. haha..the market is selling good stuff yet a very long one. finally, got the Thai Silk here with RM75 for 4m. .hmmm a very great one, so no regret!

#4 Mae Sai Market

Yeahh, this is the most exciting out of the others, a market! hihi specifically, located at Mae Sai District, the border of Thailand with Burma, Myanmar. its busy town where you can see lot of shops selling variety of cheap stuff and sure can be bargain lor. yup, got that cool cap with 100baht, haha not really cheap lah, RM10. but seriously, highly recommended to all the ladies and the shoppers!

Conclude this trip with admitting that it is a priceless experiences \ and assuredly, i LEARN A LOT! haha..the fav word in here. ;D Oh, by looking at the tourist guide map, there are several places that i'm dying to visit which is not inclusive in our packed-schedule here. they are few temples at this Northern Thailand have been list in the UNESCO World Heritage which are super arousing to be capture by my Canon; Srisatchanalai Wold Heritage, Sukhothai and Kamphaengphet! time maybe~

Till the next visit, Kob Khun Ka! thanks for reading though.  ;)

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  1. Waaaa, I'm so envy. I wanna go aboard too!
    The tribe is kinda scary for me, I watched the documentasy on tv when I was a child.
    But the most shocking one is the plant tribe for me, I agree with you.
    Btw you change your header? It's so lovely ^^

    visit my little cream button • | instagram •

  2. thanks a lot lovely for liking the art! hehe..yup the tribe believes and practices r making me freaking mad! ;'( learn a lot huh!


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