Stunning T.G.I Friday @Menara Hap Seng

yo! yo! haha my daddy is undeniably cool! ;)

Salam Ramadhan...  ;)

Oh, this was on the last year, 27th December when i celebrated my dad's birthday. it is being stored in my draft box for almost half of a year! LOL. this is what gonna happen when i'm not in the mood of talking bout foodies, so i will just keep it! haha..but now i'm in as this fasting month, people always looking for a fresh and great dining places for the iftar. thus, let me share this review.  (^.~)

Personally, this Menara Hap Seng's is the best TGI Friday outlet in Malaysia! well, should also claim that  the second choice is the Subang Parade's (one of the oldest as it was built in the year of 1996!) which i failed to get the ambiance shot during the short visit there. i was alone having my dinner. so, it was an awkward moment for me to snap on my Canon alone.  =.=

More rambling on the cozy ambiance yet lavish interior of the restaurant. both are spacious but the different is Menara Hap Seng's outlet is featuring an open space and more environmental friendly. oh yup, i'd prefer an open space instead of a suffocating dining room. rimas!

Now, lets take a look at the limited orders since the diners are only 3 lor. haha but sure will give you the rough figure of the taste and the pricing.

  Orange Blast Slush - RM 10.90 each
 Blue Raspberry Slush - RM 10.90
Tennessee Salmon - RM 43.90
Tennessee Chicken & Shrimp - RM 39.90
 Cajun Shrimp & Chicken Pasta - RM 30.90

Undeniable fact, the customized drinks are somehow you can't find at any other restaurant. yup, should taste the strong flavor of the choice and the crunchy ices of it. the price? hmm..worth for trying!

Then, the main courses, i have no complaint on the salmon and chicken as both were good and satisfy enough to fill your empty stomach. the portion is indulgence. well, i think the price is a standard one lorh since its western and its KL anyway. haha

Well, not everything is good, great or best. the pasta was seriously yuckss to my tastebuds! sorry to the fan as i really can't handle the thick cheesy sauce of it. i was totally done after like 3 mouthfuls of it. so, STRONGLY recommended to the fan of the 'carbonara pasta' dinners. huhu

Overall, i'd say that the food is Good but not great. haha..get what i meant? then, the pricing is affordable ONLY IF you've already put aside a big budget on that day. fyi, two of us cost RM150+. ^^

Thus, hurry up and make your book on this Ramadhan for an expressionless experience iftar. 
Thanks for reading and Happy Iftar! ^^


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