Azam Raya Bersama Watsons with Faizal Tahir

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post

Event: Azam Raya Bersama Watsons Launching
Featuring: Faizal Tahir
Date: 4th July 2013
Venue: Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine, Pavilion KL.

"Look Good, Feel Great" with Watsons! celebrating the spirit of this Holy Ramadhan, Watsons is offering an unique campaign that promoting Malaysian to take a good care of health and beauty.

Peeps, quickly catch the RAYA SALE which happening on this very soon, 18th July 2013 to 2nd September 2013 at all 273 Watsons outlets in Malaysia (and borneo is on 25th July). to stay update with the thousands of promo, kindly check Fcaebook official page of AzamRayaBersamaWatsons!

yup, sure this is a GREAT news for me too as i'm a loyal customer of Watsons. lor every end of a month, i'm sure need to visit the nearest Watsons as to re-stock my maintenance tools!! huhu..i'm talking bout the cleanser, toner, my sunblock cc cream, variety of lotions and etc etc etc.  =.=

Ok, back to the launching contents, collaborating with the famous Malaysia singer, songwriter and tv personality, Mr Faizal Tahir who is also being appointed as the ambassador of this campaign. besides, at the end of a running contest, Faizal Tahir gonna compose an exclusive Raya song which inspired by it.

Adding more excitement to it, the winner of the contest will win a fully-sponsored OPEN HOUSE at their own home in which Faizal Tahir gonna perform for all the guest. Oh, super awesome! well, ya know this 'superman' is just not having a super-powerful vocal, he is also well-known with a impeccable stage performance. :)

Now, how to participate?

- kindly go to the contest app "AzamRayaBersamaWatsons"
share your Raya Resolution at the page within this 6 weeks! each selected post will win RM5 beauty care vouchers and the luckiest will win the mentioned OPEN HOUSE sponsors.

so, pali! pali! its a Korean words means faster! faster! =.=
For more info: AzamRayaBersamaWatsons app direct link
- Credit to Nuffnang & Watsons -


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  1. walaupun sis tak dpt hadir..masih tidak melepaskan peluang utk buat blogspot..weewitt~~

  2. gituh~ tgk betapa smangat blogger berkobar2 di dlm diri!! =.= hahhahahha tu r sedih sbb xdpt mknn arab yg hebat belaka tuh..cehhh!

  3. bwestnya dapat jumpa Faizal Tahir...


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