Chiang Mai / Chiang Rai Itinerary - Day 2

Salam Ramadhan...  ;)

Second day main schedule is departing to Chiang Rai which is another state of Thailand. took about 4 hours from Chiang Mai and along the way, we stopped at several tourist attractions which are more fascinating than the first day!

OK i just gonna list out the places, so that you can request the tour guide to include in your itinerary or maybe google the map by yourself., lets initiate with one of my favourite place.

#1 Maesa Elephant Camp

Frankly, saying that your vacation in Chiang Mai is not fully accomplish if you are not visiting this elephant camp. attract lot of tourist and here when i started seeing Malaysian people! don't ask me the fees as the tourist guide kept it as secret (LOL) but whatever it is, i should claimed that it is super indulgence!

So, the elephant ride took almost 1/2 an hour yet the path is thrilling and naturally adventurous! haha..see our uncontrollable expression on the those photos? we're not expecting that it could be that fun and hilarious! haha..yup, it was very funnehh meh~

Then, the elephant show was another awesome thing about this place. seriously, gonna make you jaw-dropping witnessing those giants showcasing their talents, playing football and the most is paint! i can't believe it til now although i've seen it with my own naked eyes and yup, that painting in above photo are 100% drawn by those miracle elephants! learn a lot; practice makes impossible thing to be perfect! Errr...

#2 Happy Monkey School

At first, i'm not really interested to see the monkeys but that show was another great thing. undeniably, the monkey is super talented and hey, capturing the photo together is very memorable indeed.  ;)

#3 Snake Farm

I hate snake and will always be!! Oh God, this was the scariest show in my life. caution; do not seat at the front raw as they're throwing the snakes everywhere! i don't know how to explain but we're all kept on screaming and the demonstrators kept on laughing at us! Hahahhaha hampeh betol but honestly it was quite interesting lah~ haha

#4 Tiger Kingdom

We just stopped here for few minutes because we planned to reach the Chiang Rai before dawn. so, this place attracted lot of tourist too, the tigers are big, aggressive and hmmm..cute too! haha..don't ask me as i'm not interested for this kinda thing but you can pay to take picture with those wild life. hmmm..

#5 Hot Spring - Chiang Rai

This is just another stop before we reach the hotel. yup, already in Chiang Rai. this natural mineral hot spring is a nice place indeed! lot of silver jewelry is being sold here. price is negotiable but some are quite pricey for my sight. i don't really know how to differentiate it. so, its up to you!

#6 White Tample / Wat Rong Khun - Chiang Rai

Oh My Gosh! that was my first impression seeing this amazing architectural. with the sunlight beautifully shining the evening since it was like 5p.m, the temple look absolutely stunning! i guess it was more divine when you see it in real. yup, this is one of the famous temple in Chiang Rai. Oh, sure will share the detailing on a special post sooner or later. wait ah!

#6 Rimkok Resort - Chiang Rai

I'd give 0.5 stars out of 5 for this very old-fashioned hotel. not that the classic mood that made me rated it as it was but the baddasss facilities and the poor services are the elements which they've forgotten to improve!

OK i've no problem with the design as it looks very classy and feel like staying in an old castle but the lobby and restaurant have no air-conditioner, very stuffy and very uncomfortable with the mosquitoes all around!! then, wifi is very limited at lobby only, not enough entertainment provided and the ugliest one is the pool is extremely dirty!!! did they forgot about cleaning the water???? *double thumbs down*

Bear in mind that Chiang Rai has no entertainment at night as much as Chiang Mai as being told by the tour guide. plus, our hotel here is quite far from the town, so we just rest and save the energy for the another challenging day of tomorrow.

The night ended just like be continue...

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