[Review] The Conjuring

SYNOPSIS (caution: not a short one)

Acclaimed as a box office movie by just a week after it released (USA), this movie is a sure-fire need to be watch by all the movie-goers especially the horror-thriller fan, just like me! Well, i guess the main attraction is not only the fact that James Wan who directed  "Insidious" and "Saw" is also the director of this film. it is more towards the bold statement of "Based On The True Story" written bravely on the poster.

Based on the case file of the Warren couple, Ed and Lorraine who are known to be a paranormal investigator aka the ghost hunter in 1970s. this movie is featuring one of the case which themselves find it as the most terrific one. 

Starting with the Perron family moved into a farmhouse with their 5 daughters who later experiencing increasing disturbing events such as the door open and close by themselves, hearing clapping when nobody is there, clock constantly stop at 3:07am, Christine (the daughter) feels her feet being pulled, Carolyn (the mother) keep getting a mysterious bruises on her body, Cindy (the daughter) sleepwalking and repeatedly banging her head against an old wardrobe and so-on-and-so-scaarryyyy!! 

The pre-climax is when Roger (the dad) is away in Florida and living only the ladies. that night, Carolyn heard someone downstairs and go finding out and ended up being locked in the cellar (basement which believe to be the most haunted place in the house!) and the daughters being attacked with a spirit of an old woman who later believe to be the ghost of Bathsheba, the evil witch who committing suicide and the owner of the house.

Couldn't stand the panoramic situation, Carolyn seeks help from Ed and Lorraine. they come to the house and Lorraine who can feel and see those supernatural thingy experienced it once she stepped into the house. they agree to help the Perron family and suggest that the house need to undergo the exorcism ritual as to 'clean' it but before that they need the evidences to invite the priest. 

Thus, they overnight at the house and place the camera at all angles in the house. the camera will auto-flash whenever the temperature drop down which saying the spirit is there! it was the second night when Cindy who sleepwalking again and the camera keep on flashing on her whenever she walk in front it. so, they follow her and find out a secret door behind the old wardrobe. that is when Lorraine keep on reveling the secret of Bathsheba's history; she is an accused witch who proclaimed love for Satan and sacrificing her own infant before committing suicide. after the case, numerous murders and suicides reported happened at the land.

Cut to the short. Carolyn was being possessed earlier by the spirit wanted to kill her own daughter, April and they all come to rescue her but failed. she was stronger, extremely dangerous and already controlled by the spirit. they cannot wait for the priest to come. so, Ed is doing the exorcism by himself but Carolyn become more and more tormented by the spirit inside her. 

Then, what is the end? could they make 'Carolyn' coming back? does the Perron family survive? as the spirit is already latched on them which will follow them no matter where the move.... 



Weeihhhhh its REAL-SCARY though!! honestly, i didn't watch "Insidious" and "Saw" yet although proclaiming myself as the horror movie fan. haha..the good thing about it is i do not expect anything when watching this on the last night. plus, i don't even watch the trailer before, so TOTAL ZERO expectation. yup, recommended you guys to do the same..!

Personally, almost all the suspend and scary scenes are rising up my tense and yet some made me screaming out loud too! they were seriously creepy especially the nobody-is-there-but-the-hand-is-clapping!! it even coming from inside the old wardrobe!! AARGGGGHHHHHhhh by just recall it in mind makes me wanna stop talking bout this...and Arghhhh can't sleep too!!

Should i rank the anxiety level of it? No need lah as lot of critics already agree and commenting that this film is using minimal digital effects and features old-school freakouts which for me, it is successfully executing real feeling and not over-doing. even the sound effect is soft and not lousy which just enough to create the nerve-wrecking inside me waiting for the ghost to reveal herself! haha..even my partner couldn't stand to stick her eyes on the screen and siap cubit cubit i lagi tauww!! HAHAHAHA sapekah itueww???

Btw, it is a freaking true story in which the real Lorraine Warren acting as the consultant for this film and yet still active as a paranormal activist. below is the real Perron siblings with the actors. Still hard to chew, well visit this official page [CLICK HERE] and maybe select the gallery menu. you gonna get what i really meant!

Oh, btw i adore Vera Farmiga so much. knowing her from the psychotic Orphan (2009) and as an award-winning actress, she proved it in this film very well. holding the role as Lorraine Warren and i can't imagine anybody else could replace her. thumbs up!

Interested on the HISTORICAL FACT. check this [CLICK HERE] [CLICK HERE]. Obviously, i'm gonna say, BOOK YOUR WEEKEND to go and watch THE CONJURING as i'd likely rank it as 4.89 out 5.00. Oh, credit the winning tix to Budiey.com. ton of kisses for the great show bro although tak sempat bersapa-sapa dengan you pon....huhu.   ;)

Credit goes to Budiey.com and WiKi

WARNING: Malaysian release date is 1st August 2013!

p/s: finished written this long essay at 1:44 am as it was being postpone because my housemates were leaving me alone just now. haha..i was so frightened to recall and continue reviewing the scenes. yup, they are all sleeping by now. Arghhh..so, i'm half alone back!! HAHAHA..well should admit it effected me a bit. LOL. ok, should sleep by now.....Errr


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  1. movie seram terbaik tahun ini..mmg terbaik!..;)

  2. right? mmg seeraaaammmmmmmm! hahaha penat kna cubit!


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