yup, I'm Going For A Battle Tonight!

yup, Nuffnangers lets meet up tonight at the Sunway Pyramid for the so-called galatic battle! lor don't ask me on what is exactly this as i also do not have any idea bout it..haha. anyhow, i assume it is a laser tag + pinball kinda thing..Err.

no worry wait for the update soon after we're done having fun later yar. haha..so, peeps have a nice weekend and as usual, my weekend is already fully booked! huhu no time to rest but yup, i enjoy it! :)



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  1. cantiknya header.. eh org dlm header.. =)

    follower ke 582

    done follow/singgah sini.. jom follow/singgah blog teman.. heee.. http://tengkubutang.blogspot.com/

    klu minat kucen leh follow blog ni jugak.. =)


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