Look #86 - Accidentally Action Which Cannot Undo Will Destroy You!

H&M scarf and top / Diesel Jeans / 
Unbranded shoes and Knapsack from Bandung / Vincci Sunnies

yup, the tittle is quite melodramatic and please know that i am not in the mood of talking about this recent vacation anymore. yup, something miserable and disaster happened!

guys, I WAS ACCIDENTALLY PERMANENTLY DELETED the whole photo folder of my Guangzhou-HongKong vacation! NOTHING is left for the HK part!! gilerrr betol!!!

Arghh...don't wanna talk more about it. please just know that the post will be hold like until i gain the mood back again. yup, still wanna share my precious moment of the visiting with no photo of mine...  (T__T) totally can't describe what i feel right now.....disaster!

btw, a reminder to myself and all of the readers, please do not always use the Shift+Del button because there will be no undo once you delete the thing. SHIT!!!!

Hate myself, Hate myself, Hate myself and Adios!


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  1. dah try tgk dkt recycle bin? Or try any forensic tools.. maybe boleh membantu, as long tak ada new files masuk,..still can retrieve file yg terdelete tu..


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