What-When-Wear?: Hong Kong Part 1

By Wednesday, May 15, 2013 , , ,

Location: Hong Kong (random coordinates!)
Camera: Canon EOS 550D

yup, those were taken at random places in HK on my recent visit. admittedly, i was totally fascinate by one of the local's fashion sense which featuring those bright and bold coloured shoes. from what i observe is they are opting for sports shoes instead of high-heels or flip-flop like us, Malaysian.

i guess because of the weather which sometimes can drop down to below 20 degree (as during my 1st day~) as well as their lifestyle which demand them to walk miles and miles during the exchanging of one MRT (train) to another MRT. yup, still very tiring and still hurting my feet although i was already wearing an utmost comfortable leather boots!  =.=

Anyhow, i managed only getting these shots although lot of the others were stealing my attention too. hmm...what can i do as my main aim was traveling not a streetstyle-hunting! yup, talking about that i'm so proud to claim that i adore the well known streetsyle photographer, Face Hunter so much! love his and i always wish i could do the same thing as what he is doing.

Oh Gosh, how can i miss out this priceless event?! 7th May was just like on just the last week, damn! anyhow, i am sure that he will be coming to Kuala Lumpur more often in the future as this was not his 1st visit though. will wait for you Mr. Awesome, Yvan Rodic. yup, please expect more on the 2nd part and 3rd part soon.

ADIOS to Perhentian Island, WohhoOOo!! :)


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  1. Wahh. Jalan2 lagi. P.phentian pulak ehh. Hhe
    Cantk kasut pepel tuu ♥


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